Magnolia Town Board to discuss court case

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Gazette Staff
Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Magnolia Town Board met in closed session Tuesday to discuss how to proceed with an appeal to the state Supreme Court.

Board members met with town attorney Glenn Reynolds in his Madison office.

Last week, the state Supreme Court granted the town's petition to review a court of appeals decision that said the state livestock siting review board was correct in overturning conditions the town had placed on a conditional-use permit for Larson Acres, a large dairy operation in the township.

The news that the high court would hear the case forced the town board to decide whether it should continue, but Chairwoman Fern McCoy said last she didn't want the town to spend any more money on the case.

After the meeting Tuesday, McCoy said the board was holding a meeting Thursday, Feb. 24 to discuss the issue in open session.

In July, the town board voted to pay attorney Glenn Reynolds $2,000 to file the petition to the Supreme Court challenging the court of appeals' June decision.

That decision came only after board member Dave Olsen said he was willing to donate $10,000 and find other residents willing to pay legal fees if the court agreed to hear the case.

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