Top football recruit picks South Carolina

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Associated Press
Tuesday, February 15, 2011
— Jadeveon Clowney began reading the words everyone had wanted to hear for nearly two weeks. Then the country’s top football recruit found out what it was like to wait.

Clowney ended an extra 12 days of signing suspense Monday when he picked South Carolina’s hat off a table that also had caps from finalists Alabama and Clemson. First, though, Clowney had to wait for the go-ahead from ESPN, which carried his announcement live to a national audience.

When given the signal, Clowney spoke: “I’m going to the University of ...” he said, then reached for the Gamecocks’ cap to the cheers of friends, family, South Pointe High students and teammates.

Students and Stallions football players on midmorning break shouted “Happy Birthday” to Clowney, who turned 18 Monday. Everyone watched the auditorium’s flat screen TVs until a picture of Clowney, in his South Pointe jersey, popped up on ESPN.

The 6--6, 250-pound senior will join three former teammates at South Caroilina.

Clowney won South Carolina’s “Mr. Football” award given to the state’s top senior.

Clowney had 162 tackles and 29½ sacks, caused 11 fumbles and scored five defensive touchdowns this season.

The Stallions also put him in the backfield and he had 20 carries for 274 yards and nine TDs.

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