Police make arrest in Lake Geneva bomb threat case

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Kevin Hoffman
Tuesday, February 8, 2011
— A 15-year-old Badger High School student arrested on suspicion that he e-mailed a bomb threat to the school district office told police he didn't think the message would create such a stir, officials said.

Lake Geneva police said Monday their investigation traced the e-mail back to a school computer that led them to the student.

Lake Geneva School District closed five schools Jan. 31 after receiving an e-mail saying a bomb was located in Badger High School and others, according to a press release from the Lake Geneva Police Department.

The high school, Lake Geneva Middle School, Eastview Elementary School, Central Denison and Star Center all were searched with dogs, but nothing was found. The FBI assisted in the investigation.

Police said the student admitted sending the message and told them he acted alone. He said he "never thought this incident would cause such a commotion," according to a news release.

There was no indication as to when the student was arrested or why he sent the e-mail. Phone calls Monday to the police department were not immediately returned.

Lake Geneva police referred charges to the district attorney's office. Police Chief Michael Rasmussen said the incident could result in serious charges.

Lake Geneva School District said it will take "appropriate action" against the student, according to a news release.

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