Women’s City League bowlers on a roll

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011
— Big numbers are rolling out of the Women’s City League on Tuesdays at RiversEdge Bowl.

“I like it because it gives us guys competition.’’ said Jamie Jones of RiversEdge.

Newcomer Jessica Lesagonicz and the venerable Holly Milz spearhead a league that has become super hot.

Taylor Biggerstaff, Danielle Roeber, Crystal Roeber and Kathleen Clatworthy, all former stars from Janesville’s junior ranks, inject the league with fresh prowess.

Milz and Lesagonicz are the league leaders, tied with 223 averages. Milz recently led 10 honor counts with a league-best 795 series (259, 266, 270), which topped Lesagonicz’s 775.

“I like the competition,” said Lesagonicz, who works in research and development for Kerry Ingredients in Beloit. “In bowling, you compete to the level of bowlers you’re bowling with, and if they’re bowling 160, it’s hard to push yourself to be better.’’

Lesagonicz, a 27-year-old native of Redding, Pa., bowled competitively her freshman year at Shippensburg (Pa.) University and for three years at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Mo., which is just outside of St. Louis.

Lesagonicz accomplishments at Lindenwood include winning the USBC tournament with the Lions in 2006 at Rockford, Ill., while qualifying in 2004 and 2005.

“Her mechanics are clean, and she has good balance,” Jones said. “You can tell she has been coached.’’

Lesagonicz has bowled two sanctioned perfect games, while her best average is 226, which she posted last year.

“It’s kind of funny,” Lesagonicz said. “I bowled my first 300 when I was 16, and I

didn’t roll another until a Thanksgiving tournament in Beloit.’’

Taylor Biggerstaff was 15 when she rolled her first 300, in February of 2006.

Biggerstaff, a standout in the Janesville youth leagues and Parker High School, said she enjoys stepping up to the adult competition of the Women’s City League.

“For me, there was competition at the high school and junior leagues, but the women I bowl against are very good, and you have to get better.’’

Biggerstaff is impressed with Milz and Lesagonicz.

“I watch (Milz) all the time, and I love the way she bowls,” Biggerstaff said. “Her bad night is a 650. (Lesagonicz) is a very good bowler. When she throws her ball, you don’t hear it hit the lane.’’

The 20-year-old Biggerstaff, who is in her second year in the administrative professional program at Blackhawk Tech, has a 198 average in the Women’s City League and is battling to reach 200.

“My average is almost 200,” she said. “I’ve been fighting for two more pins.’’

Roeber, a 2010 Parker High graduate and UW-Whitewater freshman, holds 205 league average and is enjoying bowling with Milz and Lesagonicz.

“They are really good and consistent,” said Roeber, who enjoys bowling with her cousin, Crystal. “It makes me feel like I want to be that good. I like the competition and bowling with good bowlers.’’

Clatworthy, a Janesville Craig graduate, has been in the Women’s City League for two years and is comfortable with the competition.

“I would say there is more competition, but it basically is one of those things where I have fun,” Clatworthy said. “We are all very talented.’’

Clatworthy likes to watch Lesagonicz and Milz.

“(Lesagonicz) throws an amazing ball,” Clatworthy said. “It’s precise and accurate every time. It’s astonishing. I’ve never seen that before, and Holly is everybody’s main competition.”

The competition is growing up, however, and leaving a mark in the Women’s City League.

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