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Restraining order sought against former coach

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Catherine W. Idzerda
Wednesday, December 28, 2011
— A Lake Geneva woman acting on behalf of her daughter has requested a restraining order against a former high school basketball coach already facing charges of sexual assault of a child.

The woman claims in court documents filed Tuesday that Shane McKinley, 27, had online conversations with her daughter that contained sexual content.

In an earlier case, McKinley was arrested Dec. 21 on charges of sexual assault of a child by a school staff person and engaging in repeated acts of sexual assault of a child. He is accused of sending "inappropriate" text messages to players, Williams Bay Superintendent Vance A. Dalzin said in an earlier interview. McKinley was fired and school officials contacted the police.

The mother who Tuesday requested a restraining order first learned about conversations between her daughter and McKinley from Paula Hocking, a forensic interviewer for the Walworth County Child Advocacy Center, and Detective Joaquin Alonzo of the city of Delavan Police Department, according to court documents.

They read her a "lengthy" Facebook posting from her daughter to McKinley and asked if they could interview her daughter.

After the interview, police told her that her daughter had been having conversations with McKinley via Facebook, through text messages and by email.

"The conversations did get sexual," according to the mother's handwritten affidavit filed in support of the restraining order request.

McKinley "tried to set up meetings" with her daughter but none ever took place, according to court documents.

Pictures were sent between cell phones, but none of them were explicit, according to the documents.

A temporary restraining order granted in the case Tuesday requires that McKinley avoid all contact with the girl.

"Contact includes in person, by phone, in writing, by electronic communication or device or in any other manner."

The temporary restraining order is in effect until Jan. 6, when McKinley appears for a hearing concerning the order. At that time, a judge will determine if the restraining order should be extended.

McKinley will be in court later that same day to face criminal sexual assault charges in the earlier case.

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