Traxler Park ice rink will be created from the bottom up

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Monday, December 12, 2011
What is it? At the moment, it's an oversized puddle. With luck and a change in weather, it will be an outdoor ice rink on Traxler Park near downtown Janesville.

That's not likely to happen this week. AccuWeather predicts temperatures in the 40s until Friday, when they will drop to the 30s.

How does it work? Last year, the city of Janesville dug a new depression for the rink and used pipes to flood it from the bottom up.

This replaces the old way when city crews sprayed water for days to create a sheet of ice.

The flooding system is intended to make a more stable ice sheet and to extend the skating season. Last season, the ice opened shortly before Christmas and stayed open until mid-February.

What to expect: When it opens, skaters can use the ice weekday evenings and on weekends during afternoons and evenings. Skates are free. A warming house will be available, as will concessions and restrooms.
To learn more: Call Janesville Leisure Services at (608) 755-3030. When the weather changes, and the rink becomes ready to open, The Gazette will publish the information. Search for "Friends of Traxler Park" on Facebook. The last two winters, the friends group has posted information to its Facebook page regularly during the skating seasons.

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