Janesville pair invited to White House reception

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Thursday, December 8, 2011
— Cathy Myers ignored the phone calls from Washington, D.C., for days, thinking they could be coming from telemarketers.

When she got a card in the mail that included the phone number that had been calling her, she still thought it could be part of an elaborate hoax.

Finally she received confirmation through Organizing for America in Madison, which she volunteers through. The calls and mail were legitimate: President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama were inviting her to a reception at the White House.

Myers and Roger Merry, both of Janesville, accepted the invitation and will attend the reception Wednesday afternoon.

“I’m hoping that I get to meet the president,” she said. “No matter what the outcome, it’s just exciting to be invited.”

Myers and Merry were invited to the event because of their volunteer work for Organizing for America, Obama’s grassroots campaign organization, she said.

Myers is the main contact for the local group, Democracy Rocks-Janesville. The group meets weekly and has organized public forums on topics including conceal carry and health care reform.

“The whole point of Organizing for America is you really never stop campaigning,” she said. “You’re constantly trying to reach out to voters, inform them on positions and issues.”

“It’s a wonderful thank you,” she said of the invitation.

Myers said she wished the invite had been extended to all volunteers in the area.

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