Speed limit lowered on Inman Parkway

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Gazette staff
Wednesday, December 7, 2011
— Motorists on a main thoroughfare in Beloit Township are adjusting to a new lower speed limit.

New signs and orange flags went up Monday lowering the speed limit from 35 mph to 25 mph on Inman Parkway between Park and Prairie avenues, Police Chief Steve Kopp said in a news release.

The town board last month voted to lower the speed at the request of Turner School District officials and area residents who expressed concern about excessive speeds and pedestrian and bicycle safety, Kopp said.

The board action also lowered the speed limit on East Gale Drive and South Gray Bill Drive in the town's industrial park.

Town of Beloit police will be monitoring speeds to ensure compliance with the new lower speed limits. Fines for speeding violations in the township range from $88.80 to $429, Kopp said.

"Area motorists are asked to adjust their driving behaviors and travel times to ensure traffic safety and avoid a traffic citation," Kopp said.

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