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Marketing grant grows tourism by promoting art

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Catherine W. Idzerda
Thursday, August 25, 2011
— Here's the formula: spend $10,000 outside of the community to bring $252,500 into the community.

On Wednesday, Wisconsin Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett presented the Janesville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau with a $10,000 grant to promote "Art Infusion … Along the Janesville Mile."

The event, which runs Sept. 16-18, will feature a variety of activities throughout the community including music, dance and art.

The money comes from a joint marketing grant, explained Christine Rebout, executive director of the convention and visitors bureau.

Grant rules require that the money be spent on advertising and promotion outside of Rock County.

As a result, the money will be used to buy billboards in Rockford, Ill., and Walworth County, ads in the Isthmus and other Madison publications and on a Rockford radio station.

The goal?

"We want to bring in $252,500 into the local economy over three days," Rebout said.

That money would be spent by the approximately 5,000 people the convention and visitors bureau hopes to bring into the area during the weekend.

The Wisconsin Department of Tourism came up with those figures.

To reach those goals, an estimated 4,500 visitors would spend $41 each and another 500 visitors would spend a night at a hotel, spending about $131.

Those numbers might seem surprisingly high for such an event, but Rebout pointed out that the community has more to offer than just the art infusion.

"It's what we call hub and spoke tourism," Rebout said. "They're going to be having twilight tours in Milton, the Windmill Festival in Evansville, the Rock Valley Wood Carvers at the fairgrounds and the Richard Marx concert at the Janesville Performing Arts Center—all during that weekend."

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