Elkhorn solves city car flap

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Darryl Enriquez
Wednesday, August 3, 2011
— The controversy about Elkhorn Parks & Recreation Director Jeff Simons having exclusive use of a city car was resolved when city officials approved a resolution Monday returning the vehicle to the municipal fleet.

"I have discussed the current arrangement with the director and we agree that it would be best to resolve this matter without further rancor," City Administrator Sam Tapson wrote in a memo to the city council's municipal services committee.

Simons was not accused of any wrongdoing with the vehicle, but questions were raised about why he had sole use of the vehicle.

When contacted Tuesday, Simons did not want to comment on the policy change. Simons said he had used a city vehicle since he began working for Elkhorn in 2003.

Simons and Tapson believed the vehicle assignment was appropriate and contributed to a "more efficient operation," Tapson wrote in his memo.

"We are amenable to an arrangement whereby the vehicle would be assigned to the general fleet to be used as necessary by city staff in the conduct of official business," Tapson wrote.

It was suggested that Simons receive priority in scheduling use of vehicles.

"Under this arrangement, the director would be provided use of the 'pool' vehicle whenever his daily work activities require," Tapson wrote. "The arrangement is essentially the concept suggested by Ald. Jerry Anderson during council discussions."

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