Defection! (What could be verse for Gadhafi?)

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Rick Horowitz
Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Libyan foreign minister, former Gadhafi intelligence chief, defects to England.
--Ripped from the headlines

So if you were Musa Kusa

And your world was falling down,

Would you stick around to help

Or catch the first plane out of town?

You've been Moammar's enforcer,

You've had plenty to enforce,

It's a marriage of convenience—

Is it time for the divorce?

You know all his darkest secrets:

Who did what, and when, and how—

You were in it to your armpits,

But you see your moment: now!

So you say you're feeling sickly,

That Tunisia has a doc,

Then you mumble "See you later,"

But you're playing "Beat the Clock."

You've another big appointment

That you haven't mentioned yet—

Bid a quick farewell to Tunis,

Climb aboard a private jet.

Now you drop right off their radar,

And back home, it's all denials,

While you're heading for salvation

In—surprise!—the British Isles.

You're a Triple-A defection,

You're the catch that makes the news,

So the Brits have got you talking,

And they're hungry for your views.

They want all your best assessments,

They want all the latest facts,

"Is he crazy?" "Will he buckle?"

'Cause you've seen how he reacts.

"Tell us all about his weapons!"

"Is he desperate?" "Is he sly?"

And the more you choose to give them

Means the less you'll have to die.

It's a bargain with the Devil,

But you've got so much to tell

That they'll look the other way

Instead of sending you to hell.

Spill the beans, reveal the horrors,

Break the codes and flag the traps,

You're the one thing they've been missing,

And you've fallen in their laps.

So you cough it up, and meanwhile

Search for signs you've earned their trust,

You can walk out of the wreckage

Just as Tripoli goes bust.

You'll still spend some time in prison,

(They can't cut you too much slack!)

But they think it isn't easy

To stab someone in the back.

The conclusion of this story,

And the moral of this verse:

You can be the soul of evil—

Just be sure there's someone worse!

Rick Horowitz is a syndicated columnist. You can write to him at rickhoro@execpc.com.

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