Five candidates in running for Fontana Village Board

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Gazette staff
Friday, April 1, 2011

Five candidates are running for three positions on the Fontana Village Board.

Incumbents Merilyce O'Connell, George Spadoni Jr. and Thomas McGreevy all are seeking another term against challengers Rick Pappas and Bill Gage.

O'Connell, Spadoni Jr., McGreevy and Gage did not respond to the Gazette's request for information. Their information below was obtained from village hall.

Rick Pappas

Age: 48

Address: 543 Akwenasa Way, Fontana.

Job: Bookkeeper

Education: Graduated from Wayland Academy, 1980.

Community service: Served on the lakefront and harbor committee since 2006; board of review since 2006; protection committee since 2009; chairman of the lakefront activity center blue ribbon committee; commodore with the Northwest Ice Yacht Association and BoeCraft Ice Yacht Association; vice commodore with the Skeeter Iceboat Club; and vice president and secretary with the Indian Hills Association.

Elected posts: None

Major campaign issues: "The single largest issue facing the village is budgetary—managing the increasing costs of providing a high level of services to residents while revenues are flat or declining.

"If elected, I would hope to accomplish three things: one, to improve our short-term and long-term capital improvement planning; two, to foster better understanding and communication of village spending to residents; (and) three, to protect our natural assets and preserve our quiet resort town atmosphere."


Bill Gage

Address: 1031 Tarrant Drive, Fontana.

Job: Owner and operator of Gage Marine and Geneva Lake Cruise Line

Elected posts: None


Merilyce O'Connell (I)

Address: 611 Agaming Road, Fontana.

Elected posts: Served four two-year terms as a village trustee, chairman of the Lakefront and Harbor Committee, member of the planning commission and the Fontana/Walworth Water Pollution Control Commission board of directors.


George Spadoni Jr. (I)

Address: 540 Oak St., Fontana.

Elected posts: Served as village trustee for 10 years, chairman of the planning commission, member of the public safety board of appeals and human resources committee.


Thomas McGreevy (I)

Address: 897 Tarrant Drive, Fontana.

Elected Posts: Served one term as village trustee, chairman of the public works committee. Previously served on planning commission for three years.

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