Craig High might get wall to dampen noise

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010
— A great noise at the battle of Jericho tumbled the city’s walls.

A great noise at Craig High School most likely will cause a wall to go up.

The great noise—described by some as akin to that of a jet engine—comes from air-handling equipment at the school’s northeast corner.

The equipment is close to nearby houses, whose owners first complained about it 18 months ago.

For two summers now, the noise has kept residents from enjoying their back yards, Shelly Schroeder, one of those residents, told the board at its meeting Tuesday night.

People can’t sleep with their windows open, added Scott Schroeder.

Scott and Shelly Schroeder urged the board to choose the solution that does the most to muffle the noise. Neighbors have been patient, they said.

“What we’re asking Craig High School to do is to do the neighborly thing,” Scott Schroeder said.

The board on Tuesday voted unanimously to spend no more than $145,000 on a solution, which has yet to be determined.

Board member Greg Ardrey, an engineer who has dealt with similar problems, said the cost would likely be less than that.

“I think we can come up with some good solutions that will take care of the sound issues,” Ardrey said.

District CFO Keith Pennington said he will make it a high priority to get quotes from contractors on noise-abatement measures.

Tops on the list is a wall. One estimate for a wall is $143,000.

Board member Bill Sodemann asked that the administration look into whether the project’s architect or general contractor could be made to pay all or part of the cost. That became part of the board’s motion, which passed 8-0.

The equipment was installed as part of the renovation and expansion projects at Craig and Parker high schools, which together cost $70.8 million.

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