Public record for Sept. 24, 2010

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Gazette Staff
Friday, September 24, 2010
Rock County

-- CLAVEN L. CROCKETT, 61, 2418 Skyline Drive, Beloit, at 3:11 a.m. Thursday at St. Dennis Recycling, 1956 Royce Ave., Beloit, on a charge of burglary. Town of Beloit police found Crockett while he was trying to steal 75 pounds of copper and 5 pounds of aluminum. Police apprehended Crockett after a short foot chase.

-- MICHAEL J. BABCOCK, 48, no known address, at 7:15 p.m. Wednesday at the corner of Van Buren and Academy streets, Janesville, on a Rock County warrant charging intoxicated driving-fourth offense.

Intoxicated driving arrests

-- JASON A. DROST, 33, of 990 Stonefield Drive, Edgerton, at 10:55 p.m. Tuesday at the corner of Milwaukee Street and Pontiac Drive.


-- PURSE SNATCHING, reported at 8:58 p.m. Wednesday in the parking lot of Romanís 66, 108 Center Ave., Janesville. The 21-year-old Milton womanís purse was grabbed from the front seat of her vehicle as she sat in her parked car with the window down. Her 22-year-old boyfriend chased the suspect down in the 100 block of Linn Street and recovered the purse, but the suspect got away.

-- BURGLARY to a residence on West Footville Hanover Road in Plymouth Township, reported Sept. 17. Taken were a 37-inch flat-screen TV and a computer.

-- STOLEN VEHICLE reported at 7:16 a.m. Thursday at the 1200 block of East Memorial Drive, Janesville. Taken was a 1998 Dodge Durango valued at $3,000.

Rock County Court

-- GIOVANNA CACEREES HAIDY, Lyons, Ill., speeding, $251.

-- CHRIS A. CAMPBELL, 416 E. Townline Road, Janesville, speeding, $175.

-- KRISTIN L. CAZEAU, Canada, speeding, $251.

-- JOSE F. CHIQUELLO, Wheeling, Ill., fishing without license, $207.

-- MARIO CHIQUELLO, Arlington Heights, Ill., hunting without license, $207.

-- WALTER A. CHODOR, Chicago, hunting without license, $207.

-- APRIL L. CHRONISTER, Rockton, Ill., speeding, $201.

-- RUTH I. CHROSTOWSKI, 119 Cox Road, Edgerton, speeding, $175.

-- KEITH M. CLARK, Platteville, unlawful U/Y turn where erected signs, $175.

-- PETER R. CORENO, Fresno, Calif., inattentive driving, $195.

-- MARK S. CORNWELL, Hoffman Estates, Ill., speeding, $251.

-- CHRISTOPHER W. CORSO, Addison, Ill., jet ski violating slow-no-wake requirement, $188.

-- JANETT J. CROMBIE, Rockton, Ill., jet ski violating slow-no-wake requirement, $188.

-- JEAN A. DEAN, Madison, operating while suspended fourth or more violation, $201.

-- ANTHONY J. DIAZ, Chicago, speeding, $201.

-- DARIO E. DIAZ, Des Plaines, Ill., hunting without license, $207.

-- DAVID J. DOBBS, Minooka, Ill., boater speed in excess of limit, $175.

-- WILLIAM F. DORGAN, Chicago, speeding, $201.

-- LORI A. DRAKE, 10723 W. Sunset Drive, Evansville, speeding, $175.

-- DAVID J. DROSKIEWICZ, Twin Lakes, operating personal watercraft near shoreline, $188.

-- JEREMY D. DUNCAN, 312 1/2 W. Van Buren St., Janesville, operating while revoked, $201.

-- ADRIAN DURAN, 303 Betzer Road, Delavan, speeding, $175.

-- DUSTIN J. EKBERG, Loves Park, Ill., jet ski violating slow-no-wake requirements, $188.

-- CHERYL L. ELLIOTT, Winnebago, Ill., speeding, $226.

-- JULIE A. ENNOCENTI, 2304 Cottonwood Drive, Janesville, speeding, $201.

-- JUAN M. ESCUTIA, Plainfield, Ill., speeding, $201.

-- JUSTIN M. EVERETT, 312 1/2 W. Van Buren St., Janesville, possession of controlled substance, $264.

-- MICHELLE L. EVERETTE, 327 S. Gilbert St., Footville, speeding, $201.

-- ALBERTO FERRERIA, Des Plaines, Ill., hunting without license, $207.

-- LANDIN N. FLERES, Stoughton, speeding, $175.

-- JOSE M. FLORES SANCHEZ, Madison, operating while suspended fourth or more violation and failure to slow vehicle passing stopped emergency vehicle, $464.

-- MICHAEL R. GALLAGHER, Bartlett, Ill., speeding, $201.

-- NOLBERTO GARCIA, Chicago, speeding, $251.

-- DANIEL T. GARDNER, West Dundee, Ill., possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of controlled substance, $528.

-- GEANTOS TRUCKING, Wood Dale, Ill., violating highway weight limits, $1,014.

-- HARRY J. GIRUP, Lemont, Ill., speeding, $251.

-- JULIE A. GOELZER, Baraboo, speeding, $201.

-- EDWARD J. GOHDE, 331 Lukas Lane, Milton, possession of fish in excess/daily bag limit, $269.

-- DANIEL M. GOLICH, 307 N. Fourth St., Fort Atkinson, boater speed in excess of limit, $175.

-- JACK GOTTESMAN, Lincolnwood, Ill., speeding, $251.

-- NICHOLAS R. GOUMAS, Schiller Park, Ill., speeding, $175.

-- LARRY M. GREEN, 327 S. Pontiac, Janesville, theft, $264.

-- MEGAN E. GRINNELL, Monroe, speeding, $201.

-- BRENDA K. GUENTHER, Sun Prairie, driving too fast for conditions, $213.

-- ALEX GUERRERO JR., Chicago, speeding, $251.

-- CAROL GUNN, Elgin, Ill., speeding, $201.

-- LISA J. GUTIERREZ, Rockford, Ill., unlawful U/Y turn where erected signs, $175.

-- CODY M. HANSON, 9535 N. Blackhawk Drive, Edgerton, operating while revoked, $201.

-- JONATHAN A. HANSON, Ferryville, unlawful U/Y turn where erected signs, $175.

-- MAGGIE N. HANSON, 31 W. Madison Ave., Milton, operating without carrying license, $251.

-- IBRAHM A. HASAN, Hickory Hills, Ill., speeding, $276.

-- ABDIFATAH M. HASSAN, Minneapolis, Minn., speeding and operating without valid license first violation, $451.

-- MICHELLE C. HERBERT, Belvidere, Ill., speeding, $251.

-- BRENT M. HERMAN, 1814 S. Chatham St., Janesville, probationary licensee operating vehicle between midnight to 5 a.m., $201.

-- KAELYN M. HOGAN, Milwaukee, speeding, $201.

-- JOHN E. HOWARD, 2206 Black Bridge Road, Janesville, speeding, $175.

-- DAH HTOO, Milwaukee, operating while intoxicated first violation, $723, license revocation and alcohol assessment.

-- EH D. HTOO, Milwaukee, passenger possession of open intoxicants in vehicle, $201.

-- CATHERINE R. INGLISA, 1300 E. Mound Drive, Janesville, jet ski violation slow-no-wake requirement, $188.

-- PHILIP J.L. JOHNSON, 816 Sherman, Janesville, speeding and operating while suspended, $402.

-- SONVA O. JOHNSON, Minneapolis, Minn., speeding, $201.

-- STACY L. JOHNSON, Princeton, Ill., speeding, $201.

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