Edgerton water, sewer rates to rise

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010
— Water and sewer utility rates for the average Edgerton customer will rise about $26 in 2011, an increase of about 3 percent.

City officials say the increase will provide money for possible work slated for the city’s wastewater treatment plant in 2013, along with other water and sewer projects.

The council approved the rate increase Monday. It will take effect in January 2011.

Although the city did not institute a water-sewer rate increase last year, the 3 percent bump resumes the city’s usual practice for increases in the past several years, said Alderman Ron Webb.

The city has scheduled no major capital improvement projects for sewer or water utilities in 2011. However, the city is planning $5.45 million in projected sewer and water improvements between 2012 and 2015, according to city documents.

The bulk of those improvement costs, a projected $4 million, are tied to proposed repairs to the city’s 28-year-old wastewater treatment plant.

City Administrator Ramona Flanigan said Monday that work at the wastewater treatment plant is slated for 2013, but the city is working on a plan to break the work into two phases, and plans for possible grant funding for part of the work are pending, she said.

The city also is examining borrowing options for future water-sewer projects, with long-term options to borrow as much as $550,000 for water improvements and a maximum of $801,000 for sewer work in 2013, according to city documents.

Flanigan said the average residential customer in Edgerton is on pace to pay $214.43 for water-sewer use in 2010. The increase approved Monday means the same customer will pay $220.86 for water-sewer use in 2011, she said.

James Kapellen, utility commission chairman, said Monday the utility price change also factors in an average 4 percent increase in operating expenses, which includes wage and benefit increases for employees as well as increases in costs of water and sewer treatment chemicals.

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