Cross Plains businessman to face Erpenbach

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cross Plains small business owner Kurt Schlicht hopes to defeat Sen. Jon Erpenbach by exposing the incumbent’s voting record over the last 12 years.

Schlicht won Tuesday’s Republican primary in the 27th Senate District against Tom Lamberson of Verona and Tony Wickersham of Evansville. He said both of his opponents Tuesday also realized government at every level is spending itself into bankruptcy.

“I really believe tonight’s win is a return to sanity,” Schlicht said. “People are fed up with the wasteful government spending and irresponsible behavior and want somebody to come in and actually run the show.”

The 27th District includes Magnolia and Union townships and Evansville in Rock County, all of Green County and parts of Dane and Lafayette counties.

Erpenbach, D-Waunakee, is seeking re-election to a fourth term.

Schlicht owns a tavern in Cross Plains and is in his seventh year as a village of Cross Plains trustee and in his third year as a Dane County Board supervisor.

Schlicht plans to go door-to-door in areas where he hasn’t met many people.

“(There were) some areas that I didn’t get to as deep as I wanted to get into,” he said.

He said he plans to schedule a debate with Erpenbach.

“I’m looking forward to bringing his record out into the open,” he said.

He called Erpenbach’s record on jobs and the economy “abysmal.”

Schlicht pointed to Erpenbach’s support of Healthy Wisconsin, a failed plan for universal health care, as the incumbent’s attempt to earn points with the liberal elite. The program would have bankrupted the state, Schlicht said.

He believes the district is ready for a Republican and said it’s unfortunate an incumbent faced only one opponent in 12 years.

He said this race will be black and white—“You want a fiscal conservative or the status quo?”

The clear difference between the candidates is in how to create jobs, he said.

“(Erpenbach) thinks government can create jobs,” Schlicht said. “I don’t believe that. Being a private business owner myself and job creator, I understand the private sector creates jobs and wealth.”

He said he will push to lower taxes and rid the state of restrictive regulations for businesses. State employees need to pay a percentage toward their health and retirement benefits, he said.

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