Parkview schools issue notice about suspicious vehicle

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Gazette staff
Friday, September 3, 2010
— Parkview school officials sent out a district-wide phone message Thursday warning parents about a suspicious vehicle.

“I don’t want to blow it out of proportion, but I just feel ‘better safe than sorry,’” Parkview Superintendent Steve Lutzke said.

Two girls saw a vehicle following them on the way to school, Lutzke said. The car made the girls uncomfortable so they went inside a business.

Later, when one of the girls was home, her father saw the vehicle driving slowly by their home. When her father commented on it, she told him that it was the same vehicle from that morning.

The father called the police.

The vehicle is described as a large, silver, older panel-type van with a green stripe down each side.

Orfordville Police Chief Dave Wickstrum told the school district that no one has reported strangers attempting to engage with children.

Anyone with information about the van can call the Orfordville Police Department at (608) 879-9212.

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