Nass faces Libertarian in re-election bid

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Kevin Hoffman
Tuesday, October 19, 2010
— Rep. Steve Nass faces retired postal worker Leroy Watson in his bid for another re-election in the 31st Assembly District.

Nass handily beat challenger Craig Peterson in September's Republican primary. No Democrat filed for the race, making Watson, a Libertarian, his only opposition.

Nass has served in the State Assembly since 1990. Watson ran in the 38th District in 2000 and the 31st District in 2002, losing both times.

Q: What's the best approach to correcting the projected $2.5 billion state budget deficit?

Nass: We need to look at all of the state government. The Legislature needs to review state audits that have been conducted. We need to review programs that no longer work or need to be reinvented. It will not be pleasant, but we can't continue to spend and tax our way out of the problem, and that only makes this worse.

We've got to stop bonding massive amounts that we have in the past. Our bonding is out of control.

Q: Is job creation possible in this economy, and how can it be done?

Nass: I believe it is. It will take time, and it isn't going to happen overnight. We have to reduce the regulatory stranglehold on businesses and the over-taxation. So many are leaving because of the tax climate and inability to quickly expand their business.

Combined reporting should be repealed. It has just hammered businesses like Harley Davidson. Unfortunately, what has happened under the Democrats is they have reacted to businesses leaving by creating some small incentive for them to stay here. My question is why wait until they're going to leave? We need to react now and help them expand here.

Q: Does education funding have to be trimmed, and what's the future of local school districts?

Nass: I believe K-12 should be our primary focus, and secondary is the university system and tech schools and so forth. I believe that at the K-12 level, it has become an issue of accountability. Throwing money at a problem does not work. We need accountability at all levels and to look at mandates the Legislature continues to pile onto school districts.

At the university level, they are administratively top-heavy. The tuition has gone up year after year after year with no explanation except the university says, "We need more money." That doesn't cut it. The taxpayers want reasons. The rubber stamp has been a 5.5-percent (increase), and that has to stop. The universities get $1 billion a year from the taxpayers, and they deserve accountability.


Steve Nass

Age: 58

Address: N8330 Jackson Road, Whitewater.

Job: State Assembly representative of the 31st District

Education: Bachelor's and master's degrees in school of business management at UW-Whitewater.

Elected posts: Whitewater City Council (1977-81), UW-Whitewater Board of Visitors (1979-89) and elected to the State Assembly in 1990.

Major campaign issues: Jobs, state deficit.


Leroy Watson

Watson, 71, Oconomowoc, is a retired U.S. postal worker running as a Libertarian.

"In the last several months, I have gotten over 30 questionnaires from different groups and people (asking) where I stand on certain subjects. I have answered them all. They may not like the answers, but they know where I stand. As far as I can find out, Steve Nass has not answered any of them the people do not know where he stands."

Other major campaign issues include:

-- Smaller government and less taxes.

-- Less regulation and taxes on Wisconsin businesses.

-- Repeal the conceal carry law in lieu of a "Vermont-style" system.

-- Fight "Obama-style health care."

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