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Gazette Staff
Friday, October 1, 2010
Rock County

-- TINA SHETLER, 28, of 100 N. Jackson St., Janesville, on a charge of forgery.

Intoxicated driving arrests

-- LINDSAY MCCARTHY, 27, of 1007 N. Wright Road, Janesville, at 3:10 a.m. Thursday at her home. It was reportedly her fourth offense.

-- ROBERT BEESE JR., 36, of 2026 S. Jackson St., Janesville, at 2:23 a.m. Thursday at Jerome Avenue and West Delavan Drive. It was reportedly his second offense.


-- BURGLARY reported at 6:04 p.m. Saturday to Cooksville Store, 11313 N. Highway 138, Evansville. Reported stolen was cash from the safe.

-- BURGLARY reported at 5:47 p.m. Friday to Milton VFW, 10853 N. Highway 26, Milton. Reported stolen was cash.

-- BURGLARY reported at 1:37 a.m. Tuesday to a home in the 5000 block of South County H, Orfordville. A man arrived home and saw three men stealing property from his home. The perpetrators fled without stealing anything.

-- FRAUDULENT WRITINGS reported at 5:57 p.m. Wednesday in the 2700 block of Citation Drive, Janesville. A man reported being scammed out of hundreds of dollars in an online purchase of a dog.


-- ROCKPORT ROAD WEST OF CROSBY AVENUE, Rock Township, at 9:49 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 19, a pickup truck driven by Joshua W. Beyer, 21, of 341 Rosewood Drive, Janesville, swerved off the road to avoid a head-on collision and struck a utility pole. The other vehicle reportedly didnít stop. Beyer was ticketed for mandatory seat belt violation. Beyer was treated and released from Mercy Hospital, Janesville.

Rock County Marriages

-- Aaron Dach and Samantha Koslo, both of Janesville.

-- Justin Thompson and Kassandra Kane, both of Oak Harbor.

-- Brian Barlass and Nicole Rohatsch, both of Johnstown.

-- Benjamin Wisz and Jody Talley, both of Janesville.

-- Andrew Rotolo and Laci Root, both of Chicago.

-- Cole Sargent and Sherrie Peterson, both of Janesville.

-- Patrick Gardner and Kelly Waldbillig, both of Janesville.

-- Darren Ahlgren and Stacie Logan, both of Beloit.

-- Robert Stone, Janesville, and Nancy Mendenhall, Racine.

-- Eric Nehls and Karen Ward, both of Beloit.

-- Everett Mitchell, Beloit, and Carla Brotzman, Janesville.

-- Jonathan Gettler and Amy Krajeck, both of Lakeville, Minn.

-- Justin Falk, North Prairie, and Anna Morehart, Janesville.

-- Jason Hrobsky and Kristy Jacobson, both of Milton.

-- William Canada Jr. and Teryl Vondrasek, both of Janesville.

-- Zachary Spangler and Heather Sturdevant, both of Janesville.

-- Kevin McDonald and Amanda Lemier, both of Beloit.

-- Timothy Earleywine, Loves Park, Ill., and Elizabeth Parker, Janesville.

-- Christopher Lee, Clinton Township, and Danielle Wurtz, Janesville.

-- Jacob Groell and Jill Osmond, both of Janesville.

-- Ronald Schiefelbein and Karla Kutz, both of Janesville.

-- Robert Schoenfeld an Sally Czaja, both of Whitehouse Station, N.J.

-- Daniel Johnston and Amanda Stubbendick, both of Janesville.

-- Jeremy Hoekstra and Ashley Williams, Janesville.

-- Mario Campos and Maria Arellano, both of Janesville.

-- Eric Storms and Tomasa Ayala, both of Beloit.

-- Eric Tranel, Black Earth, and Michelle Bader, Magnolia.

-- Terrance Schultz and Laura Nyhus, both of Milton.

-- Robert Twieg and Amber McMannes, both of Janesville.

-- Jason Vanmeter and Kristin Schultz, both of Beloit.

-- Dustin Bass and Katherine Paul, both of Beloit.

-- Austin Boelk and Amy Heiman, both of Milton.

-- Jesus Abarca Ortega and Olivia Snook, both of Beloit.

-- Nathan Turner and Jessica Binder, both of Janesville.

-- Arnold Garvert, Koshkonong, and Valerie Carlson-Jaeschke, Milton.

-- Gerald Pagel, Wonewoc, and Jillian Maves, Milton.

-- Christopher Lippart and Nicole Slowey, both of Janesville.

-- Bernard Isabell and Rachel Pflueger, both of Beloit.

-- Chad Sheridan and Sky Mathews, both of Janesville.

-- Medard Linn and Catherine Raethz, both of Edgerton.

-- John Demler and Charlotte Jenkins, both of South Beloit, Ill.

-- Jessie Nightengale and Brianna Hinkle, both of Janesville.

-- Timothy Legler and Jackie Henning, both of Janesville.

-- Todd Cooper and Leah Everson, both of Janesville.

-- Matthew Murray and Nicole Thesis, both of Milton.

-- Bryan Harnack, Edgerton, and Jena Skeel, Whitewater.

-- Troy Buffington and Barbara Casas, both of Beloit.

-- Matthew Amdahl and Brianna Maloney, both of Janesville.

-- Brian Vrchoticky, Shirland, Ill., and Stephanie Hilstad, Winnebago, Ill.

-- Robert Henderson and Jennifer Zane, both of Beloit.

-- Erwin Kalt III and Tammy Haenel, both of Janesville.

-- Andrew Larson and Kristin Hansberry, both of Beloit.

-- Jon Grefsheim and Kathleen Granvold, both of Edgerton.

-- Michael Christians and Angela Swanson, both of Beloit.

-- Ryan Darnell and Carrie Irgens, both of Princeville, Ill.

-- Frank Egli and Susanne Kuhl-Tucker, both of Evansville.

-- Aaron Robbins and Tiffany Cassidy, both of Beloit.

-- Francis Moullet and Iwona Bak, both of Janesville.

-- Chad Hornung, Milton, and Jenny Bowers, Edgerton.

-- Jason Masoner and Tanya Mitchell, both of Beloit.

-- Lance Nahnsen and Angela Kuehn, both of Edgerton.

-- Richard Dubbelde II and Teresa Driver, both of Janesville.

-- Joshua Hatleberg and Lindsey Ross, both of Beloit.

-- Anthony Cannella Jr. and Adrienne Letourneau, both of Janesville.

-- Richard Burditt, Lodi, and Laurie Anderson, Orfordville.

-- Timothy Kaiser, Janesville, and Tamara Wagner, Milton.

-- Phillip Jahr and Amber Niedermeier, both of Beloit.

Rock County Divorces

-- Patrick Henry Forrest and Roberta Jean Forrest, both of Rock County, married August 1995.

-- James Lee Jensen and Kelly Jean Jensen, both of Rock County, married February 1993.

-- Carl David Bell and Candice Jean Bell, both of Rock County, married January 1982.

-- Dennis Alan Berge, Dane County, and Rhonda Anne Berge, Rock County, married February 1985.

-- Tommy Lee Bogan and Bessie Mae Bogan, both of Rock County, married July 1973.

-- John Robert Beckford, Rock County, and Carol Jean Beckford, Adair, Mo., married June 2002.

-- James Gordon Anglin and Michelle Lynn Anglin, both of Rock County, married June 2005.

-- Michael Joseph Douglas, Dane County, and Terra Ann Douglas, Rock County, married December 1999.

-- Torbett Beard II and Justina Jackie Brewer, both of Rock County, married August 2003.

-- Matthew Richard Bach and Jennifer Amanda Visgar, both of Rock County, married October 2003.

-- Travis Lee Hruska and Tracy Lee Hruska, both of Rock County, married September 1992.

-- Steven Eugene Ellefson and Kris Marie Ellefson, both of Rock County, married May 2005.

-- Brandon Thomas Kast and Cara Jean Kast, both of Rock County, married September 2009.

Rock County Court

-- WILLIE C. COLE, 40, of 2618 Sumac Court, No. 5, Janesville, misdemeanor retail theft, $435.

-- DYLAN J. COFFEY, 35, of 415 Eisenhower Ave., Janesville, disorderly conduct, $236.

-- DONALD S. CATE, 23, of 614 Bowers Blvd., No. 5, Delavan, felony armed robbery, 18 months in prison, five years extended supervision, $122.

-- KEITH A. ABRAHAM, 37, of 941 Benton Ave., Janesville, misdemeanor fourth-degree sexual assault, domestic disorderly conduct, two years probation with credit, $274.

-- JARVIS T. NAYLOR, 26, of 2010 Kellogg Ave., No. 212, Janesville, domestic disorderly conduct by use of a dangerous weapon, one year probation, $187. Charges of misdemeanor domestic battery, domestic disorderly conduct, misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor bail-jumping all dismissed but read into court record.

-- MICHAEL A. ALLEN, 37, of 202 W. Holmes St., Janesville, felony failure for sex offender to update information, domestic disorderly conduct, 90 days in jail, $299.

-- MICHAEL K. OLSON, 23, of 9019 County F, Edgerton, repeat domestic disorderly conduct, $605.

-- KEN MARSHALL SR, 44, of 1211 Sylvester St., No. 6, Janesville, misdemeanor domestic battery, 18 months probation with credit, $187. Charge of disorderly conduct dismissed but read into court record.

-- TYRONE D. COLLIER, 42, of 1112 Wall St., Janesville, misdemeanor battery, six months in jail with Huber with credit, $230. Charge of disorderly conduct dismissed but read into court record.

-- MISTY L. KVISTAD, 32, of 1516 Sylvester St., Janesville, felony burglary to building or dwelling, two years in prison with credit, two years extended supervision, $122. Charge of misdemeanor repeat theft amended to two counts of misdemeanor theft of movable property both dismissed but read into court record.

-- STEPHEN W. FOX, 26, New York, N.Y., formerly of Brodhead, charges of burglary to building or dwelling and theft of movable property both dismissed.

-- JUSTIN C. GREENFIELD, 23, of 1005 Erie Drive, Janesville, charges of domestic criminal damage to property and domestic disorderly conduct both dismissed.

-- JOHN J. FEIST, 48, of 1618 Highway 4, Edgerton, domestic disorderly conduct, $668.

-- CLARK W. HUSCHKA, 43, of 1617 Pershing Place, Janesville, domestic disorderly conduct, one year probation, $187.

-- TRENTON A. LYLE, 35, of 4001 N. Marsh Road, Evansville, obstructing, $568.

-- KEVIN R. VAN NATTA, 33, of 4123 Cobblestone Lane, Janesville, disorderly conduct, $581.

-- BRADLEY E. UNDERWOOD, 48, of 1625 Randolph Road, No. 1, Janesville, disorderly conduct, resisting, $883.

-- CRYSTAL M. TUESCHER, 28, of 1203 Milton Ave., Janesville, disorderly conduct, $210.

-- JAMES M. TROEDEL, 37, Lake Villa, Ill., possession of drug paraphernalia, $520.

-- GARY L. TRACY, 41, Friendship, obstructing, six months in jail, $87.

-- ANDREW C. STEPHENSON, 17, of 6219 Highway 51, Lot 226, Janesville, possession of marijuana, $772.

-- THOMAS J. SLATTER, 58, of 432 Harding St., Janesville, possession of drug paraphernalia, $413. Charges of possession of amphetamine/LSD/

psilocybin dismissed but read into court record.

-- SAMUEL I. RUSCH, 24, of 1300 Winston Drive, No. 6, Edgerton, disorderly conduct, $614. Charge of resisting dismissed but read into court record.

-- JACOB S. RUFFIN, 19, of 2904 Carrousel Lane, No. 5, Janesville, misdemeanor domestic battery, one year probation, $187. Charge of disorderly conduct dismissed but read into court record.

-- MONICA L. SCHAETZKE, 32, of 426 W. Delavan Drive, Janesville, charge of misdemeanor child neglect amended to disorderly conduct, $217.

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