Large lizard still on the loose

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Friday, October 1, 2010
— Janesville police reported no new sightings Thursday of a large monitor lizard first seen Tuesday afternoon by a resident who lives at 613 Williams St.

As time permits, officers are checking the area, Sgt. Craig Klementz said.

Police also are following a lead to identity the lizard’s owner, he said.

Craig Berg, reptile and aquarium curator at the Milwaukee County Zoo, told Janesville police the lizard is not dangerous to humans, Klementz said.

“We don’t really suspect the public is at any great risk or in danger from this,’’ Klementz said.

“We’re still concerned—want to find it and capture it—but the likelihood of someone becoming injured by this lizard is fairly slight based on the information we’re receiving from Berg,’’ he said.

The Rock County Humane Society is getting calls from people worried about their pets being outside with the lizard on the loose, said Jim Hurley, operations manager.

He, too, believes the public is not at risk.

“It’s really, really unlikely it’s going to be able to crawl out (of the sewer system where it was last seen Tuesday night) and pose a problem. With the temperatures going down, it’s not going to really move. It’s going to try and stay still, conserve its energy,’’ Hurley said.

Hurley said his concern would be higher if it were June or July.

“But because of the weather we’re experiencing right now, it’s not conducive to the lizard living. So the risk factor is really diminished with the temperatures we’ve had,’’ he said.

The bottom of this lizard’s normal living conditions is 70 degrees, Hurley said.

“It’s just going to stop moving and suffer from hypothermia,’’ he said.

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