Shooting suspect faces homicide charges

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Ted Sullivan
Tuesday, November 30, 2010
— When people began yelling in Cambodian, Samuel Morrow became afraid and pulled out a 9mm handgun.

Morrow pointed the gun at a woman who had slapped him in the face and threatened to kill her.

After leaving the home, the kitchen door was closed behind him. He turned and fired several gunshots through the door, according to court documents.

"Morrow stated that he only wanted to scare the people," according to the criminal complaint. "Morrow stated that he didn't really know why he did it and that it was stupid."

Those are among the allegations in the complaint charging Morrow, 25, of 609 Park St., Janesville, with two felony counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide. Morrow remains in the Rock County Jail on $200,000 cash bond.

John Tek, 27, of 609 Park St., Janesville, was with Morrow when the shooting occurred. He was arrested and released on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and criminal trespass.

Morrow is accused of shooting Eileen Chan, 21, and Robert Bowman, 28, at 6:20 p.m. Thanksgiving Day at 407 S. High St.

Chan was shot in the head, and she remained in good condition Monday at Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center in Janesville. Bowman was hit under the ribs, and he remained in serious condition Monday at Mercy.

According to the criminal complaint:

Vesal Kong, who lives at the house, had people over for Thanksgiving.

Rotha Rin, the mother of Tek's 3-year-old daughter, was at the party with Bowman, who was her new boyfriend.

Rin said Tek came to the home an hour or two before the shooting to bring their daughter a sweatshirt. She said Tek left without causing problems.

After Tek left, Rin said Tek began calling and texting Bowman about being at the house.

Tek told police Bowman was sending him provocative text messages after he left. Tek said he didn't want his daughter at the house.

Tek asked Morrow to drive him to the house to get his daughter. Morrow is his brother-in-law.

When Tek went to the home, he and Bowman began fighting.

Rin said she tried to stop the fight when Morrow brandished a handgun. She said Morrow pushed her to the ground, and she slapped Morrow in the face.

Rin said Tek and Bowman then stopped fighting, and Tek left with their 3-year-old daughter. She said Morrow was still in the house.

Rin said Morrow held the handgun against her head while people yelled at Morrow to leave. Morrow left and shot through the closed door behind him. Investigators found seven bullet holes in the door.

Tek said he was walking to the vehicle when he heard gunshots. Tek said Morrow ran to the vehicle and jumped in. He said Morrow dropped off him and his daughter and left.

About four hours later, police found Morrow in his vehicle. Inside Morrow's vehicle, officers found a handgun.

Morrow is scheduled to appear in court Thursday, Dec. 2.

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