Janesville schools to take education on the road

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Friday, November 19, 2010
— The Janesville School District administration recently approved several student trip proposals.

Trips, mostly paid for by parents, are common, especially at the high school level. They include Parker High School's Washington Seminar trip to the nation's capital and the exchange trips to Argentina or Germany.

The newly approved trips are to:

-- Jacksonville, Fla., for Parker High School cheerleaders.

The cheerleaders will perform at halftime of the Gator Bowl, a college football game, on Jan. 1, 2011, and march in the associated parade.

Coach Lynn Leilbrenner requested permission for team members to ask businesses for donations to subsidize the five-day trip. Students would not miss any school days. Cost would be $1,500.

The students "will have the opportunity to work with many people from all around the United States and learn about their cultures and customs that we may not see in the Midwest," Weilbrenner wrote. "By representing Parker High School in Florida, we are teaching students to be positive role models. This is a chance of a lifetime for these student-athletes."

This is the fourth time in 10 years that Parker cheerleaders are making this trip.

-- Washington, D.C., April 2011, for a maximum 30 eighth-graders from any district middle school, proposed by Marshall Middle School teachers Stephanie Murray and Charlie Smith.

The fee for the three-day trip is $1,300, cost to be paid by the families. Scholarships would be available.

The teachers describe the trip as a "first-time tourist experience." They said it would help students connect their U.S. history studies to real life and have "a lifelong impact on their world view."

They added: "We know that when students build real-life connections to their learning, permanence of knowledge occurs."

Scholarships would be available through the tour provider.

-- Puerto Rico, June 2011, for 9th-12th grade Spanish-language students at Craig High School.

Teachers Kate Jensen and Heather Lawrence are organizing the five-day trip.

"The students' understanding of culture and geography increase dramatically through travel," the teachers wrote, adding that trips such as this one "strive to create global citizens who have an understanding of intercultural differences. They also provide the student traveler the opportunity to be introspective when looking at his/her own existence. Both students and teachers will be keeping a travel log of experiences that will enhance introspection."

Cost would be $1,400-$2,000 per student, to come from the families and fund-raising.

The teachers wrote that they wanted to travel to Peru but found the higher price discouraged participation.

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