Public record for Nov. 18, 2010

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Gazette Staff
Thursday, November 18, 2010
Rock County

-- ROSEAN J. JENKINS, 32, of 250 Beach Road, Beloit, at 4 p.m. Wednesday at 1534 S. Grant Ave., Janesville, on a charge of physical abuse to a child. Jenkins allegedly struck a 5-year-old child he knew on the leg with a back scratcher, causing bruising.

-- SHAWN A. BENDT, 36, of 3153 S. Highway 51, Janesville, at 2:20 p.m. Wednesday at the Rock County Sheriff's Office on a warrant charging party to the crime of burglary and theft, stemming from a 2009 case.

Intoxicated driving arrests

-- TAMARA A. STACY, 51, of 5931 W. Highway 11, Janesville, at 2:13 a.m. Wednesday in the 2700 block of Rockport Road, Janesville.

-- NICHOLAS W. THIELE, 23, of 127 N. Walnut St., Janesville, at 12:20 a.m. Wednesday at Washington and Menard streets, Janesville.


-- BURGLARY reported at 4:24 p.m. Monday to a home in the 2800 block of Cambridge Court, Janesville. Reported stolen was a laptop computer valued at $1,200.

-- BURGLARY reported at 7:51 a.m. Monday to a garage in the 3200 block of Thames Lane, Janesville. Reported stolen were tools valued at $230.

-- BURGLARY to a residence in the 200 block of Pheasant Lane, Janesville, reported Wednesday. Taken were about $30 in quarters and two 1928 Federal Reserve notes valued at $200 each.

Rock County Court

-- PRINCE D. TOLES, 24, Janesville, felony repeat domestic robbery by use of force, four years probation, $135. Charges of misdemeanor battery and two counts of disorderly conduct all dismissed but read into court record.

-- JODY L. STALL, 33, of 1113 S. Dickey Road, Brodhead, domestic disorderly conduct, $542.

-- MICHAEL S. SEAY, 43, of 126 half W. Fulton St., Apt. C, Edgerton, four counts of criminal damage to property, two years probation, $243.

-- ALEX R. SCOTT, 25, of 543 Bostwick Ave., Janesville, felony possession with intent to deliver marijuana on/near a school, possession of drug paraphernalia, one year in jail, three years probation, $185.

-- GABRIEL M. SILBAUGH, 28, of 2720 Bond Place, Janesville, charge of domestic disorderly conduct dismissed.

-- MICHAEL A. FREEMAN, 39, of 1017 N. Fremont St., Janesville, disorderly conduct, $553.

-- JOHN R. MERRIFIELD, 52, of 1123 Blaine Ave., Janesville, charges of felony arson of building without owner's consent and two counts of felony second-degree recklessly endangering safety amended to disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property and negligent handling of burning material, 217 days in jail time served, $261.

-- CHADWICK M. PEASE, 33, of 2908 Mineral Point Ave., Janesville, domestic disorderly conduct, $731.

-- JAMES M. NORSTREM, 25, of 2611 Harvard Drive, No. 8, Janesville, four days in jail time served, $243.

-- DARONUJ I. JONES, 27, of 2016 Kellogg Ave., No. 111, Janesville, domestic disorderly conduct, $650. Charge of disorderly conduct dismissed but read into court record.

-- JOSE ALENSO GALARZA, 808 Oriole Lane, Janesville, operator failure to have passenger seat belted, operator failure to wear seatbelt, operating without valid license first violation, $221.

-- JOSE I. AMADOR, 110 Dodge St., No. 1, Janesville, operating without valid license first violation, $201.

-- BRIAN D. ANDERSON, Brooklyn, failure to stop for flashing red signal, $175.

-- RYAN S. ARCHER, 23 1/2 S. Fourth St., Evansville, operating while revoked, $201.

-- LUCIANO F. ARELLANO, 835 E. Milwaukee St., Janesville, operating while suspended, $201.

-- NOE AYALA, 1908 E. Racine St., No. 1, Janesville, operating without valid license first violation, $201.

-- JONATHAN A. BARKER, 1211 Sylvester St., No. 7, Janesville, operating while suspended second or more violation, $201.

-- CURT A. BARLASS, 1521 Ravine St., Janesville, possession/sale of fireworks, $264.

-- JUSTIN J. BARTLE, 227 N. Chatham St., Janesville, drunken driving first violation, $818, license revocation and alcohol assessment.

-- JENNIFER R. BEECHER, 914 Glen St., Janesville, speeding, $201.

-- LEE A. BELF, Rochester, Minn., speeding, $201.

-- TANNER M. BELL, 9107 E. Rye Road, Clinton, speeding, $175.

-- NANCY K. BENISCH, Cambridge, failure to yield while making left turn, $175.

-- KARLA M. BENITEZ, Chicago, speeding, $276.

-- MICHAEL A. BENTLEY, 1534 Anthony Ave., Janesville, disturbing peace by assault/fighting, $264.

-- MATTHEW W. BERG, 718 Highway 106, No. 1, Edgerton, operating while suspended, $201.

-- DULCIE G. BERGSMA, 579 S. Fifth St., Evansville, failure to obey traffic officer, $213.

-- DYLAN T. BJUGSTAD, 6623 N. Weary Road, Evansville, failure to obey traffic officer signal/order, $175.

-- NATALIE J. BOLTON, 605 Kellogg Ave., No. 3, Janesville, operating while suspended and failure to wear seatbelt, $211.

-- CARL E. BOOKER, Minneapolis, speeding, $251.

-- JERRY R. BOWEN, Duluth, Minn., hit and run of property, $264.

-- KAYLA A. BRENNAN, 604 N. Willard Ave., Janesville, automobile following too closely, $201.

-- KAREN M. BROWN-LANDES, Wheeling, Ill., speeding, $251.

-- CINDY L. BUGGS, 603 E. Memorial Drive, Janesville, keeping unlicensed dog/cat not allowed, $264.

-- RICHARD J. BUOL, 608 Monroe St., Janesville, operating while suspended and failure to wear seat belt, $211.

-- CARLOS V. CABAN, 421 S. Franklin St., Janesville, operating while revoked, $201.

-- ALEXANDRA P. CALDWELL, Tupelo, Miss., speeding, $251.

-- KARI A. CANTWELL, Middleton, speeding, $251.

-- KANDI L. CARDINAL, 327 1/2 S. Locust, Janesville, speeding, $201.

-- GARY L. CARROLL, N2140 Rockdale Road, Edgerton, pedestrian signal violation by vehicle, $175.

-- LEIKO M. CARTER, 2016 Kellogg Ave., No. 111, Janesville, disorderly conduct, $390.

-- DAVID M. CLARK, Chicago, operating while revoked, $201.

-- DANIEL J. CLIVER, 6219 Highway 51, No. 240, Janesville, speeding, $226.

-- MICHAEL F. CONWAY, 1731 S. River Road, Janesville, failure to stop/improper stop at stop sign, $175.

-- ALLEN D. COPPOCK, Grafton, nonregistration of automobile, $175.

-- RICARDO R. CRUZ, 1748 S. Willard Ave., Janesville, operating vehicle without insurance, $201.

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