Couple's home is study in color

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Thursday, May 27, 2010
— Enough with the light grey and white, Barb and Terry Cisler decided when contemplating a change in decor.

Today their home has a contemporary, breezy feel where colors explode like heat lightning. It's a bit of Miami on a cold day, a balmy gift to visitors.

Their Seminole Road house has vaulted ceilings, track lighting and an acrylic staircase, so the couple didn't want to go country or traditional.

The Cislers instead opted for such vibrant colors as magenta and Dreamsicle orange, turquoise and lime green, periwinkle and hot pink. Silvered, metallic and mirrored surfaces accent the colors.

Even the white in the ceilings has a hint of turquoise.

The Cislers' white cat looks out of place.

The light sometimes plays with the colors, so the hot pink might look lavender and the orange like peach. All the colors have the same color value, however, which is why it works.

First-time visitors stop dead in the doorway to ogle.

"It makes people happy," Barb said. "They tell me they like the sherbet colors."

It turns out choosing the colors was the easy part.

Barb's paint box was born when she saw a jewel-tone collection of sweaters in a catalogue. She added orange so she could decorate in the fall.

What wasn't easy was finding the focal points—the furnishings, rugs and accents pieces.

"You have to look hard to find this stuff," she said.

In her quest, Barb consulted decorating books—especially "Susan Sargent's The Comfort of Color"—a talented friend, Linda Karrels, and two designers. Finishing took several years.

Barb started with a turquoise fabric she found at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. The different hues remind her of the ocean's changing colors.

Then a friend told her about colorful rugs at McCann Floors made with the sought-after colors.

The couple hit the jackpot at an Omaha furniture store that carries contemporary furniture made of ultrasuede fabric. There they found the turquoise, magenta and lime-green colors for their barrel chairs, sofas and love seats.

Barb commissioned Milton artist Kristine Moser to create a fabric tapestry that pulls together the home's colors.

Barb must have been ahead of her time. Finding accessories such as the hot-pink candles and lime-green vases has become easier the past few years.

In December, she scored sequined Christmas stockings in hot pink, red, lime green and aqua at Target.

How does Barb decorate for the holidays?

The colors don't limit her. At Christmas, she decorates a white-flocked tree with fuchsia, lime-green and turquoise. She dresses another tree in copper and periwinkle. Pumpkin and green work well in the fall. She obviously has no problem in spring.

Some might call Barb courageous to be so adventurous with color.

But really, Barb said, all you need do is paint over it if you don't like it.

The Cislers enjoy the fresh, airy feel.

"You'd think you'd get tired of it," Barb said.

"It's something we never get used to."

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