New credit card scam discovered

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Steve Benton
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
— Three suspects are facing charges after a clerk at Carl's Shell in Newville became suspicious of three men who made numerous purchases with several credit cards.

Remembering a similar incident that occurred in February, the clerk decided to call 911. The suspects were apprehended when their car was stopped by the State Patrol on the interstate.

Rock County Sheriff's Captain, Todd Christiansen says the scam involves tin foil, which is used to block the signal from a credit card machine to the satellite.

Tinfoil was found on the roof of Carl's Shell in Newville after a February incident. None was left at the scene Monday night, but there was tinfoil in the suspect's car.

Taken into custody are 21 year old Akeem Williams and 20 year old Kwamesha Milsap of Beloit, and 21 year old Gregoran Mosley of South Holland, Illinois.

Christiansen says similar scams have been reported in Northern Illinois, Beloit and Janesville, and in the Dells area.

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