Chairwoman of the Farmers Market Board resigns

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Beth Wheelock
Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And then there were five.

Renee Dommershausen is resigning from the Janesville Farmers Market Board, a move she says will leave five board members remaining. In a four-page letter of resignation emailed to the board, local reporters, Forward Janesville staff and a woman who has accused the market of excluding her as a vendor, Dommershausen says she is in a no-win situation. She says she received an email Tuesday "demanding that almost everyone resign so this individual could be allowed to correct the market".

When contacted by WCLO about her resignation, Dommershausen said she doesn't want to point fingers. In her letter, Dommershausen says her business has lost work in the less than three weeks she's been chairwoman.

She says because so many resignations happened so quickly, it was hard to piece together a factual account of the complaints regarding the farmers market vendors policy. Some local businesses claim they were turned away from the market because a quota of their product had been met.

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