Beloit Town Board appeals court ruling

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Steve Benton
Tuesday, May 18, 2010
— The Beloit Town Board is appealing a Circuit Court ruling regarding the Coon Creek Sportsmans Club.

Town Administrator, Bob Museus, says the board met with their attorney Monday night and decided to appeal Rock County Circuit Court Judge James Welker's decision to allow the club to operate.

The town revoked the club's conditional use permit in 2009 saying they were using a building on the grounds as a club house even though the land is zoned agricultural. The club argued, and Judge Welker agreed, that the town gave tacit approval to the "club house" because the board ordered a portable toilet installed. The town disagrees saying that's not the issue. Museus says they followed the law and due process in revoking the permit. Welker ruled the town's action arbitrary and contrary to law.

Museus says the appeal will be made as soon as they receive a copy of Welker's ruling.

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