Pipeline project to begin soon

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Thursday, May 13, 2010
— Construction on a nearly 9-mile natural gas pipeline through Janesville is set to begin in a couple weeks, followed by the expansion of the bike trail.

The ANR Pipeline of Houston, a subsidiary of TransCanada, will bury a 30-inch natural gas pipeline through 8.8 miles of Janesville and upgrade a compressor station on the north side of the city.

Michels Construction is the contractor, which also will have subcontractors, said Phillip Bohannon, project manager for ANR. About 100 union workers will be on the job, he said.

The $39 million project, which will increase capacity in the Madison/Janesville area, is scheduled to start about June 1 and be in service around October. The company does not yet have a timeline for each neighborhood, Bohannon said.

ANR met with city officials last week, and ANR agreed to complete a portion of the project by Aug. 15 to allow construction on the bike trail expansion, he said.

Contractors will be working in a 50-foot easement along Highway 14, where the project starts at Drott Drive south of Milwaukee Street. The route continues northwest behind the Pine Tree Plaza and the backside of the Mercy property on Deerfield Drive and Walmart Supercenter and Sam’s Club. It crosses Rotamer Road and Kennedy Road, heading out of Janesville.

Affected landowners were notified of the construction last week, Bohannon said, and the company has received a few phone calls inquiring about timing.

In some areas, the pipe will be close to homeowners’ properties, running though backyards, he said. Workers will be digging a trench, installing the pipe, closing the trench and restoring the land to the way it was, he said.

The company has owned easements through the city since the early 1980s.

Traffic disruption will be minimal because workers will bore beneath the roads to install the pipe, he said.

ANR anticipates the local economy should see about a $50,000 boost during the work, he said.

The bike trail’s 1.8 mile expansion falls in the middle of the pipeline project and is scheduled to start Aug. 15 and end Oct. 15, said Mike Payne, Janesville’s engineering manager. Rock Road Companies will be the general contractor and R.H. Batterman of Beloit will be the construction management firm, he said.

Federal stimulus funding is providing $435,000 for the project.

The new stretch will begin at Highway 14 and Wright Road, extend west on Highway 14 then curve north around the edge of Best Buy, Pine Tree Plaza and Walmart and end at Tanglewood Drive.

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