Anderson murder trial day two

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Steve Benton
Tuesday, May 4, 2010
— The first witnesses for the prosecution were called to the witness stand Tuesday in the first degree intentional homicide, and attempted first degree intentional homicide trial of 36 year old Donyil Anderson of Beloit. Anderson is accused of stabbing his ex-girlfriend, 31 year old Stacey Hosey, the night of August 9th, 2008. He's also accused of stabbing Hosey's new boyfriend, 25 year old Branden Beavers-Jackson. His injuries were not fatal.

Beloit police officer, Richard LeFeber, was the first on the scene and described finding the victim, still alive, but mortally wounded. He also then found the suspect with a knife, and ordered him to drop it. Anderson allegedly continued coming at LeFeber and according to the officer, asked LeFeber to shoot him. Other officers arrived at the scene and LeFeber used a taser to subdue Anderson and take him into custody.

Also testifying was Hosey's next door neighbor, retired nurse, Mary Hirsch. She told the court she was awakened by loud noises and saw Anderson kick in Hosey's rear door. She then heard Hosey tell Anderson to get out, and heard screaming. After calling 911, Hirsch went outside to comfort Hosey, who had staggered over to Hirsch's house and was sitting against the garage door. Hosey told Hirsch she was concerned about her two children and said "this was like a bad movie" and thought she was "bleeding out."

Anderson pleaded not guilty to both charges.

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