Council candidates' stance on closing the gaps in the city's sidewalk system

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Gazette Staff
Tuesday, March 30, 2010
The council for the second year cited poor economic conditions and delayed a seven-year plan to close the gaps in the city's sidewalk system. Would you favor another delay next year or is time to put the plan in motion?
Briarmoon: We-the-People never requested this sidewalk fiasco. Our prior city manager did it as a strategy to divert attention from the budget and his salary increases. Dump the whole thing. The city can't shovel the sidewalks they already have. And residents with sidewalks should be allowed to use city sidewalk plows to clear their existing neighborhood sidewalks.
Hoppenjan: The plan should not have been delayed and should already be in place.
McDonald: There are several individuals on the council now who were not on the council when this plan was first approved, including me. I think a review of the plan would be necessary to remind the council and other residents of the plan's details prior to a final decision. If the plan is to be put into motion, the economic circumstances of those required to install sidewalks must be considered.
Rashkin: While I believe that residents of a city need to be able to get around on sidewalks, the current economic climate demands that we use common sense and use caution in proceeding with the seven-year plan.  At this time, I continue to support new sidewalks only in areas where sidewalks have been prepaid, to connect gaps or are needed for public safety.
Voskuil: I support the use of public sidewalks. I also support and encourage public comment in the form of public hearings prior to determining which of sidewalks will be built. As far as the delay, I would suggest that the council review the plan, prioritize safety concerns and implement a revised plan based upon the information.

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