Council candidates' stance on attracting businesses

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Gazette Staff
Tuesday, March 30, 2010
What, if anything, does Janesville need to do differently to attract businesses?
Briarmoon: We need to take our ideas for new products and services from the local kitchen tables and provide prototypes, patents and contracts to get these businesses birthed so they can then utilize the business incubator program. (Up to) 80 percent of new jobs come from expanding small businesses and start-ups. Our city attorney could be good for that. Two thousand ideas create 8,000 new cottage-industry jobs.
Hoppenjan: Develop a public relations campaign.
McDonald: Janesville must remain aggressive in pursuing business opportunities. First, we must make sure we are financially competitive with other communities. We must offer the best incentive packages we can within our financial constraints. Council members must be at the forefront talking to our state and federal representatives, as well as leaders from other local communities and the private sector. We all need to work together to remain competitive against communities that have strong financial backing from their state governments. Also, we must make sure Janesville is a place where individuals want to locate their businesses and families. We must be an open minded, welcoming community, with appropriate amenities and entertainment options in which individuals may participate when they are not working.
Rashkin: We need to maintain our high standards of living, education and services so that as the economy turns around, Janesville is able to continue to capitalize on its great location and workforce. At the same time, the council needs to use sound judgment to ensure that Janesville is known as the place where people want to do business. The ice arena may have been the most talked-about issue, but the No. 1 issue in Janesville is jobs. We need more good-paying jobs, and the council needs to continue to look at every project with this in mind.
Voskuil: Attracting new business and economic development is an evolving process. Many individuals are working tirelessly to attract new business and retain existing business in the city. We need to be proactive in marketing our workers and their skill sets, diversify our economic base and encourage entrepreneurial opportunities. We need to act quickly in this very competitive market and anticipate our customer/business needs, listen carefully, sell our workforce and community, provide creative out-of-the-box incentive packages and deliver! We have an opportunity to work collaboratively with 5.0 Rock County, Forward Janesville, Rock County and regional connections. We need to continue to keep awareness of Janesville in the governor's office and with other elected officials.

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