Referendum to decide fate of recreational path

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Pedro Oliveira Jr.
Saturday, March 27, 2010
— East Troy Township residents will decide April 6 whether town officials should complete a recreational path, a project that has been on hold for more than 15 years.

The path would run through a piece of land bordered by County E, County J and a nearby golf club.

Most of the trail already is in place, but a 2-mile stretch crosses two parcels whose owners bought the land without knowing about the trail.

"The deed for two of the parcels were apparently recorded incorrectly," said Joe Klawkowski, town board supervisor. "The lots were sold, and the deed did not specifically mention the walking trail that was going to be a public trail."

The landowners refused to allow the trail to be constructed, and they sued the town. A judge ruled the trail could not be placed through the land unless the town obtained it through eminent domain.

A "yes" vote would tell town of East Troy officials that they should continue to pursue the project. A "no" vote would strike the project's completion. Spending would be decided at a different time.

"Any spending in the town budget has to be approved in a town electors meeting, which could be in November," said Clayton Montez, town board supervisor.

Originally, town officials hoped to use grants from the state Department of Natural Resources to finish the trail.

"We waited until later 90s, and we didn't have any funding for it," Montez said. "We were low in the priorities of the DNR."

But now they are seeking other ways to fund the trail.

"If we proceed, we'll start putting together the exact figures on how much it's going to cost," Montez said.

Right now, the cost could be more than $90,000, he said.

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