Growth key in Lake Geneva District 3 race

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Kayla Bunge
Friday, March 26, 2010
— Alderman William Mott and Peg Esposito believe in smart growth and development that maintains the small-town charm that every year draws tens of thousands of people to the city.

Esposito, who is making her first run for political office, is challenging Mott, who has served on the council since he won a recall election for the District 3 seat in December.

Smart growth

Esposito thinks the city must stick to its comprehensive master plan, which outlines the manner in which the city will grow for the next few decades.

"It's about smart growth—not no growth," she said. "It's about growth that makes sense and keeps our charm."

Mott agrees.

"We spent a lot of time and money on the comprehensive plan, and we need to use it to maintain quality as we plan for our future," he said.

Esposito said residents are proud of their city and their lifestyle. She said city officials are responsible for preserving those assets.

"Yes, we will grow … but we need to care for the lake, the downtown and not put a four-lane highway through town or a major retail area on the south side of town," she said.

Mott said new development probably will be slow until the economy recovers, but he said encouraging redevelopment might be a way the city could beautify itself without adding costs for city services.

"In this economy, I don't know how else but for us to have smart growth," he said.


Esposito believes the city council, the mayor and city staff must work as a team to have an effective government.

"We got rules we should follow. We've got policies and procedures in place," she said. "We need cooperation."

Esposito said the mood at City Hall needs to change.

"You get a lot more done by being nice," she said. "I'm really a team builder. I believe in using people to the best of their ability—finding what their strengths are and utilizing them.

"You can't really vote (cooperation), but you can do it by showing up and being respectful and somewhat conciliatory."

Mott said the mayor and council need to respect one another, but residents attending meetings also need to have decorum. He said listening is important for all parties.

"I have a lot of experience with listening and negotiating being a high school teacher for 30 years," he said. "I've begun my term doing more of that than opening my mouth."

Mott said politics has dominated at City Hall the last year and overshadowed more important issues like controlling taxes and creating jobs.


William Mott (I)

Age: 61

Address: 1150 Park Drive, No. 601, Lake Geneva.

Job: Retired teacher and former assistant men's basketball coach at UW-Whitewater; substitute teacher.

Education: Graduate of Badger High School, 1967; bachelor's and master's degrees in education from UW-Whitewater, 1973 and 1982, respectively. Served in the Army National Guard, 1968-1974.

Community service: Former member of the Lake Geneva Zoning Board of Appeals; former volunteer at the Geneva Lakes YMCA, Lake Geneva.

Elected posts: Lake Geneva alderman, December-present.


Peg Esposito

Age: 55

Address: 124 Darwin St., Lake Geneva.

Job: Owner and art director, PEG Inc., Lake Geneva.

Education: Bachelor's degree in graphic art and sculpture, College of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, Minn., 1977.

Community service: Lake Geneva poll worker; parent volunteer at Badger High School; Meals On Wheels coordinator for St. Francis de Sales Church, Lake Geneva; board member of Yonn Ede Lot, a nonprofit organization funding Haitian community projects.

Elected posts: None

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