Kenseth bashes way to ASA Midwest win

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010
— It came down to the last turn of the last lap between a young veteran and the old guard before NASCAR star Matt Kenseth slammed by Steve Carlson here Wednesday to capture the ASA Midwest Tour race at Madison International Speedway.

After the race, Kenseth, 38, apologized for the contact, but also indicated he was faster than the 52-year-old Carlson, and the results were valid. Carlson agreed.

“It’s racin’, I guess,” Carlson said. “We made a little contact on the back straight on that lap, so I knew he would make his move in turn four. You win some in that situation, and you lose some.”

Until that last turn on lap 100, the race had gone Carlson’s way. Before the race, he predicted that his car, while not the fastest in the field, would remain consistent while other cars would start to lose grip and slow down.

He steadily moved through the field and took the lead on lap 81, just six laps after a mandatory 15-minute pit stop.

Kenseth also moved up through the inverted field. He had the fastest qualifying lap but started the race in 14th place on the outside of row seven.

On lap 84, Kenseth drove around his son, Ross, into second place and started to run down Carlson. It all came down to turn four on the last lap. Kenseth walked over to Carlson after the race to apologize.

“I didn’t mean to get into you that hard,” Kenseth told Carlson. “I knew we were going to touch, but when you ran me down there, I heard the crash and hittin’ the fenders.

“I should have went in slower, but I think I could have beat you off the corner. Sorry, man.”

Kenseth told reporters the racing circumstances dictated his move down low in turn four.

“I’m sure he’s not happy, but the good thing is he finished second,” Kenseth said. “I felt we were going to beat him, but I’m a little fuzzy on some of the rules here, but I suddenly caught him, and I tried to pass him on the outside the way you should. But I had such a big run on him, I had to go for it.”

Ross, Kenseth’s 17-year-old son, finished third and told reporters that’s where he should have finished.

“We had a third-place car, and that’s exactly where I should have finished,” he said. “I’m satisfied with that finish.”

The Kenseth cars are owned by Matt, driven during the regular season by Ross and prepared by Jason Schuler at the Pathfinder chassis shop.

Ross was asked if he picked the wrong car for the race.

“No, the cars are equal and set up differently,” he said. “Dad’s car was set up for him, and my car had a different setup.

“Both cars were very good tonight. I got everything out of mine, but it wasn’t quite good enough to win.”

The other NASCAR headliner for the night, Tony Stewart, was never a factor and finished 15th after qualifying 29th.

Stewart kept grinding away in the race and said he was pleased to be able to compete.

“It’s fun to come up here and race in front of fans we don’t get to see often,” Stewart said. “I used to run at Beaver Dam and Sun Prairie and Hales Corners, and the Wisconsin fans were always good to us when we raced the USAC Midgets.

“I have a lot of friends up here from the short-track days and really appreciate coming up here.”

After finishing 18th in the ASA Midwest Tour race, Orfordville’s Bobby Wilberg won the 35-lap ASA Sportsman supporting race.

All-Star Challenge 100 at Madison International

(Car number in parentheses)

Feature— 1. (17K) Matt Kenseth, Cambridge; 2. (66) Steve Carlson (TS), West Salem; 3. (25K) Ross Kenseth (R) , Spring Valley, Ill.; 4. (36) Dan Fredrickson (TS) , Lakeville, Minn.; 5. (97H) Steve Holzhausen, Nekoosa,; 6. (12) Nick Murgic (TS), Rosemount, Minn.; 7. (72) Jacob Goede (TS), Shakopee, Minn.; 8. (93) Dave Feiler, Sun Prairie; 9. (52) Chris Wimmer (TS), Wausau;

10. (87) Nathan Haseleu (TS) , Pardeeville.

11. (4) Thor Anderson, Bondurant, Iowa; 12. (77K) Kris Kelly, Norway, Mich.; 13. (80) Bryan Reffner, Stevens Point; 14. (39) Andrew Morrissey (TS), DeForest; 15. (14S) Tony Stewart, Columbus, Ind.; 16. (215) Tim Schendel (TS), Sparta; 17. (22) Nick Panitzke (TS), Sauk Centre, Minn.; 18. (28W) Bobby Wilberg , Orfordville; 19. (71E) Mark Eswein, Wisconsin Rapids; 20. (2) Michael Bilderback (R), Rockton, Ill.

21. (71B) Blake Brown (TS) , Franskville; 22. (55) Kelly Bires, Mauston; 23. (2W) Chad Wood, Madison; 24. (64) Griffin McGrath (R), Cedar Rapids, Iowa; 25. (63) Gary LaMonte (R) , West Allis; 26. (25S) Jeff Storm (TS) , East Troy; 27. (99FK) Frank Kreyer, Pardeeville; 28. (5) Travis Sauter, Necedah; 29 (97I) Jamie Iverson (TS) , Escanaba, Mich.; 30. (61) Steve Rubeck , Cherry Valley, Ill.

?Odd fast dash—1. (77K) Kris Kelly Norway, Mich.; 2. (93) Dave Feiler Sun Prairie; 3. (72) Jacob Goede (TS) Shakopee, Minn.; 4. (66) Steve Carlson (TS), West Salem; 5. (71B) Blake Brown (TS), Franskville; 6. (25S) Jeff Storm (TS), East Troy; 7. (28W) Bobby Wilberg, Orfordville; 8. (61) Steve Rubeck, Cherry Valley, Ill.; 9. (17K) Matt Kenseth Cambridge,.

Even fast dash—1 (97H) Steve Holzhausen, Nekoosa; 2. (25K) Ross Kenseth (R), Spring Valley, Ill.; 3. (52) Chris Wimmer (TS), Wausau; 4. (97I) Jamie Iverson (TS), Escanaba, Mich.; 5. (87) Nathan Haseleu (TS), Pardeeville; 6. (12) Nick Murgic (TS), Rosemount, Minn.; 7. (36) Dan Fredrickson (TS), Lakeville, Miin.; 8. (4) Thor Anderson Bondurant, Iowa; 9. (64) Griffin McGrath (R) Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Last Chance—1. (39) Andrew Morrissey (TS), De Forest; 2. (99FK) Frank Kreyer, Pardeeville; 3. (80) Bryan Reffner, Stevens Point; 4. (71E) Mark Eswein, Wisconsin Rapids; 5. (2W) Chad Wood Madison; 6. (21S) Tim Schendel (TS), Sparta; 7. Nick Panitzke (TS), Sauk Centre, Minn.; 8. (2) Michael Bilderback (R) Rockton, Ill.; 9. (63) Gary LaMonte (R) West Allis; 10. (34) Brandon Hill, Genoa City.

Fast qualifier—Matt Kenseth Cambridge, 17.64 seconds.

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