Babe Ruth all-stars to play Thursday

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Gazette Staff
Wednesday, June 30, 2010
— The best 13-, 14- and 15-year-old players in Janesville Youth Baseball will showcase their talents in two Thursday all-star games.

The 13-year-old game, featuring the American League vs. the National League, is at 5:30 p.m. at the old Babe Ruth field.

The 14/15-year-old game is 5:30 p.m. at Roy Coyle Field.

Both fields are at the Janesville Youth Baseball facility, located off Milton Avenue and Black Bridge Road.

Babe Ruth baseball

14/15 All-Stars


Blue Jays—Trent Mosely, Colin Powers, Bobby Getka, Sam Kisting.

Orioles—Peyton Wunn, Cullen Osmond.

Rays—Mike MacDougall, Brent Hughes, Trayton Stewart, Quinton Nauer.

Red Sox—Tyler Hume, James Dahl, Zach Mulrooney.


Brewers—William Theisen, Eric LaFave, Richard Burkheimer.

Phillies—Matt Negus, Tucker Hoskins, Sam Quinn.

Reds—Adam Thompson, Isiah Berghammer, Brett Kindlsberger.

Pirates—D.J. Brewster, Evan Adams, Caleb Vosters, Justin Graham.




Blue Jays—Dominick Gruenwald, Dalton Mather, Ross Smith, Alex Krebs.

Orioles—Kevin Brandt, Justin Filter, Ian Gould.

Rays—McCauley Cox, Connor Bowen, Alex Marro, Sam Fritzinger.

Red Sox—Brock Welch, Jake Wyss, Logan Coulter, Austin Affholter.


Brewers—Brennan Olin, Wyatt Olson, Brian Huffman.

Phillies—Airk Furseth, J.T. Smithback, Nick Blomgren.

Reds—Charlie Platts, Jarod Hoffarth, Kellen Stearns, Caleb Leming.

Pirates—Alex Faust, Alex Hermanson, Nick Heyerdahl, Hunter Jensen.

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