Local police prepare for 4th of July activities

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Steve Benton
Thursday, June 24, 2010
— Local police departments are gearing up for the 4th of July weekend and want residents to know they're looking out for illegal fireworks.

It's not that they're trying to ruin anyone's fun, but Janesville police Lt. Terry Sheridan says there's a reason some fireworks are illegal, they can cause damage, injury and even death. Sheridan says they will enforce the law pertaining to fireworks, but will prioritize incidents, taking the the dangerous cases first.

Beloit police Sgt. Mark Franseen says they also respond to calls on a priority basis, and will be using "shot spotter" technology to locate illegal activity.

Franseen also suggests checking local ordinances for special rules relating to fireworks. For instance, in Beloit, there is an ordinance against lighting off personal fireworks during the community display. He says, not only is that distracting, but can also be dangerous because of the number of people congregating in one place.

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