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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Picking the Player of the Year in any sport is often a difficult process.

Statistics, wins and losses, and other variables don’t always tell the story.

That wasn’t the case in Rock Valley North Conference baseball this season.

Kyle Johnson was in a league of his own.

The recent Edgerton High graduate’s record-setting season was one for the ages.

Johnson hit a whopping 10 home runs, drove in 49 runs and finished with 38 hits in earning Player of the Year honors.

“Kyle had as good of a season as anyone we’ve ever had,” Edgerton coach Mike Gregory said. “He hit home runs in four consecutive conference games, and set a bunch of career and single-season records for us.

“Offensively, I don’t think there’s a player in the state that put up better numbers than Kyle.”

Johnson, a repeat selection, is joined on the first team by Edgerton teammates Adam Gregory and Zach Nelson. Gregory is a repeat selection and finished his career with a .446 batting average as a three-year starter. Nelson batted .429 and was one of the top defensive outfielders in the conference.

Evansville landed seniors Jeremy Weaver and Brian Lunde on the first team, while Whitewater’s Justin Sdano and Michael Messier also made the first team.

Jefferson had junior Patrick Cottrell, sophomore Zach Peachey, senior Cody Schreiner and senior Ike Roth on the first team.

Gregory, Evansville’s Brian Cashore and Jefferson’s Greg Fetherston shared Coach of the Year honors.

Rock Valley North


IF—Patrick Cottrell, Jefferson, jr.; Adam Gregory, Edgerton, sr.; Justin Sdano, Whitewater, sr.; Zach Peachey, Jefferson, soph.

OF—Zach Nelson, Edgerton, jr.; Jeremy Weaver, Evansville, sr.; Michael Messier, Whitewater, sr.

P—Cody Schreiner, Jefferson, sr.; Brian Lunde, Evansville, sr.

C—Kyle Johnson, Edgerton, sr.

Utility—Ike Roth, Jefferson, sr.


IF—Casey Moseley, Evansville, jr.; Jake Thomas, McFarland, jr.; Tyler Oren, Edgerton, soph.; Michael Stellmacher, Jefferson, sr.

OF—Cody Anderson, Edgerton, sr.; Paul Wedel, McFarland, sr.; Doug Beilke, Jefferson, jr.

P—Andrew Lundeen, McFarland, jr.; Luke Heller, Whitewater, jr.

C—Ross Voelker, McFarland, jr.

Utility—Ryan Fischer, McFarland, soph.; Ryan Weaver, Evansville, soph.

Player of the Year—Kyle Johnson, Edgerton.

Co-Coaches of the Year—Brian Cashore, Evansville; Greg Fetherston, Jefferson; Mike Gregory, Edgerton.


East Troy—Ben Longstreet, jr.; Ryan Parr, sr.; Edgerton—Trevor Kinnett, sr.; Colin Gregory, soph.; Evansville—Grant Parker, sr.; Mike Crider, sr.; Jefferson—Lucas Smillie, sr.; Peter Linse, sr.; McFarland—Brady Steinberg, jr.; Shane Engelhart, sr.; Whitewater—Dylan McKay, sr.; Lucas Van Norman, jr.


Edgerton, 11-5; Evansville, 11-5; Jefferson, 11-5; McFarland, 7-9; Whitewater, 6-10; East Troy, 0-16.

Clinton trio rule Rock Valley South

Everything fell into place this season for the Clinton High baseball team.

The Cougars, despite starting 1-2 in the Rock Valley South, rallied to win the conference title by two games over Turner and Orfordville Parkview.

Clinton sophomore Aaron Roth became the dominant pitcher in the Rock South, while teammate Zach Wisowaty was a menace to opponents at the plate. Roth and Wisowaty share the Player of the Year honor in the Rock South, while Clinton’s Scott Cernek is the Coach of the Year.

“Much of the success we had is because of what Zach and Aaron were able to accomplish,” Cernek said. “And that goes hand in hand. Without one, I don’t think the other would’ve had the success they had.

“As a team, we had seven players score more than 10 runs and drive in more than 10 runs. That tells you the kind of lineup we had and the consistency in which we played up and down the lineup.”

Roth, a right-hander, finished 8-0 in the conference and had an ERA of 0.42. He was 9-1 for the season.

Wisowaty, a recent graduate, was a four-year starter for the Cougars—the first one in Cernek’s 16-year career. He had eight doubles and five triples this season, and struck out only four times the last two seasons.

Parkview placed seniors Darryl Dykstra, Cole Isenberger and senior Robbie Dimery on the first team, while Brodhead/Juda sophomore Tyler Malcook, and seniors Ethan Douglas and Jake Covert were also first-team selections. Dykstra, Dimery and Wisowaty are repeat selections.

Turner’s Aaron Jones repeated on the first, while teammate Jordan Conway moved up from the second team.

Rock Valley South


IF—Darryl Dykstra, Parkview, sr.; Aaron Jones, Turner, sr.; Tyler Malcook, Brodhead/Juda, soph.; Zach Wisowaty, Clinton, sr.

OF—Cole Isenberger, Parkview, sr.; Ethan Douglas, Brodhead/Juda, sr.; James Kollasch, Palmyra-Eagle, soph.

P—Aaron Roth, Clinton, soph.; Jared Kinjerski, Palmyra-Eagle, jr.

C—Jordan Conway, Turner, sr.; Jake Covert, Brodhead/Juda, sr.

Utility—Robbie Dimery, Parkview, sr.


IF—Mitchell Cernek, Clinton, sr.; Sam Burns, Turner, soph.; Thomas Rear, Brodhead/Juda, sr.; Joe Fox, Palmyra-Eagle, jr.

OF—Casey Legan, Palmyra-Eagle, jr.; Nick Melton, Parkview, sr.; Jake Jensen, Turner, soph.; Michael Kunes, Big Foot, jr.

P—A.J. Bernstein, Turner, sr.; Kyle Woodworth, Parkview, jr.

C—Dane Brandl, Clinton, jr.

Utility—Bobby Hall, Turner, jr.; Jordan Sievers, Palmyra-Eagle, sr.

Co-Players of the Year—Zach Wisowaty, Clinton; Aaron Roth, Clinton.

Coach of the Year—Scott Cernek, Clinton.


Big Foot—Steve Dowden, p, sr.; Matt Long, p, sr.; Brodhead/Juda—Aaron Duecker, p, sr.; Carson Scheidegger, p, jr.; Clinton—Richard Kruckenberg, if, soph.; Gavin North, if, sr.; Palmyra-Eagle—Kevin Watts, if, sr.; Luke Berglund, if, sr.; Parkview—Ethan Andre, of, sr.; Andrew Roth, of, sr.; Turner—Austin Andrews, of, jr.; Adam Mikkelsen, of, sr.


Clinton, 13-3; Orfordville Parkview, 11-5; Turner, 11-5; Palmyra-Eagle, 9-7; Brodhead/Juda, 3-13; Walworth Big Foot, 3-13.

Red Hawks land two on first team

Milton’s Dane Burman and Nick Meyers were named Badger South Conference first team.

Burman, a sophomore, played third and finished with a robust .500 batting average.

“Dane is the real deal, no doubt about it,” Milton coach Steve Heilman said. “I think our last five games, he was walked intentionally six times. Teams are starting to realize how good he is.

“He’s solid defensively, and is only going to get better.”

Meyer also batted .500 and played shortstop.

“Nick was our leadoff hitter and the catalyst on the team,” Heilman said. “He stole 12 bases this year and made things go for us.”

Badger South champion Oregon had four players on the first team, while Monona Grove’s Beau Goff and Stoughton’s Eric Gerber were repeat selections.

Badger South


IF—Dane Burman, Milton, soph.; Nick Meyers, Milton, sr.; Christian Wabers, Edgewood, sr.; Brooks McMahon, Oregon, jr.

OF—Graham Schroeder-Gaser, Monona Grove, jr.; Chris Anderson, Edgewood, jr.; Josh Graber, Oregon, sr.

P—Matt Marszalek, Oregon, sr.; Eric Gerber, Stoughton, sr.

C—Joe Stetzer, Oregon, sr.

DH/Utility—Beau Goff, Monona Grove, sr.


IF—Mike Knutson, Fort Atkinson, jr.; Kody Parman, Edgewood, jr. Vince Schmitz, sr.; Zach Zweifel, Monona Grove, jr.

OF—Jon Haas, Milton, jr.; Mike Turek, Monroe, jr.; Kyle Haen, Edgewood, sr.

P—Sam McCann, Miton, soph.; Bobby Blakley, Monona Grove, jr.

C—Taylor Meyers, Monona Grove, sr.

DH/Utility—Matt Rogers, Milton, sr.


Edgewood—Sam Wood, jr.; Tom Frick, sr.; Ben Young, soph.; Joe Bate, sr.; Camilo Campo, jr. Fort Atkinson—Sam Hartwick, sr. Milton—Josh Meyers, sr.; Brady Ernst, sr. Monona Grove—Caleb Choate, soph.; Mike Percy, sr.

Monroe—Kris Rieder, sr.; Mitch Marty, jr.; Taylor Riese, sr.; Kramer Henning, jr.; Dylan Schwitz, jr.; Oregon—Boden Ferch, jr.; Dillon Urben, sr.; Andrew Nagel, jr.; Weston Matthews, sr.; Carl Vanko, sr.; Stoughton—Dillon Gavazonni, sr.; Ryan Nyhagen, jr.; Eric Nelson, sr.


Oregon, 9-3; Madison Edgewood, 7-4; Stoughton, 7-4; Monona Grove, 7-5; Milton, 6-6; Monroe, 5-7, Fort Atkinson, 0-12.

Southern Lakes


IF—Brendon Hayden, Wilmot, jr.; Jonathan Wilson, Westosha Central, sr.; Michael Porcaro, Burlington, sr.; Tell Taylor, Burlington, sr.

OF—Ty Singleton, Wilmot, sr.; Dylan Friend, Burlington, sr.; Landon Tenhagen, Wilmot, sr.

P—Cody Peterson, Burlington, sr.; Korey Hintz, Union Grove, sr.

C—Justice Reichwein, Wilmot, jr.


IF—Cody McClelland, Union Grove, jr.; Eric Bierman, Elkhorn, sr.; Clinton Andresen, Badger, sr.; Joseph Sturino, Waterford, jr.

OF—Nicholas Poepping, Westosha Central, jr.; Dylan Dessart, Waterford, soph.; Connor Kolanda, Delavan-Darien, sr.

P—Quincy Berg, Wilmot, sr.

C—Joseph Balestreri, Unikon Grove, jr.

Player of the Year—Cody Peterson, Burlington, sr.


Badger—Jake Hodgeman, if, sr. Burlington—Aaron Burd, of, jr.; Kyle Hockman, p, sr. Delavan-Darien—Justin Fowlkes, if, jr. Elkhorn—Storm Muehl, if, sr. Union Grove—Mason Filz, if, jr. Waterford—Tyler Merlo, if, sr. Westosha Central—Austin Damaschke, if, jr. Wilmot—Chris Nelson, if, soph.


Burlington, 13-1; Wilmot, 12-2; Union Grove, 9-5; Westosha Central, 7-7; Waterford, 6-8; Lake Geneva Badger, 4-8; Elkhorn, 1-10; Delavan-Darien, 1-12.

Capitol North


IF—Aaron Roeseler, Luther Prep, jr.; Cody Soukup, Lakeside, sr.; Tyler Buss, Lakeside, sr.; Jeremy Landes, Lodi, sr.; Aaron Kast, Columbus, sr.

OF—Bryant Baker, Columbus, jr.; Dylan Tomlinson, Poynette, sr.; Joe Schmudlach, Luther Prep, sr.

P—Graham Fagerburg, Columbus, sr.; Jake Ziel, Luther Prep, sr.; Sam Paque, Lodi, sr.

C—Ryan Dauman, Columbus, jr.; Connor Vredeveld, Lakeside, jr.

Utility—Tyler Koplin, Poynette, sr.


IF—Taylor Blumenstein, Poynette, sr.; Adam Ray, jr.; Joe Halley, Lodi, jr.; Jake Heinz, Lake Mills, sr.

OF—Kyle Kube, Lakeside, sr.; Austin Willborn, Columbus, jr.; Tyler Arnold, Lake Mills, sr.

P—Aaron Struck, Lakeside, sr.; Brandon Hildebrandt, Luther Prep, jr.

Utility—Dante Kuehl, Luther Prep, sr.

Co-Players of the Year—Jake Ziel, Luther Prep; Graham Fagerburg, Columbus.


Columbus—Matt Lange, of, jr.; Lake Mills—Tim Haumschild, c, sr.; Jake Yandre, if, sr.; Tyler Zastrow, of, sr.; Lodi—Bryce Ziegler, if, soph.; Luther Prep—Karl Osterman, if, sr.; Luke Rothe, if, soph.; Poynette—Kent Riedel, of, sr.


Watertown Luther Prep, 14-2; Lodi, 12-4; Columbus, 11-5; Lakeside Lutheran, 10-6; Poynette, 8-8; Lake Mills, 4-12.

Trailways South


IF—Wes Halverson, Deerfield, jr.; Ty Kearney, Rio, jr.; Tim Krinke, Hustisford/Dodgeland, jr.; John Conlin, Williams Bay, jr.

OF—Zach Weihert, Pardeeville, jr.; Dakotah Kirchwitz, Pardeeville, jr.; Trey Shaw, Deerfield, sr.

P—Nate Schmidt, Pardeeville, soph.; Chris Wolf, Johnson Creek, jr.; Dylan Rabl, Fall River, sr.

C—Joey Frea, Rio, jr.; Alex Large, Johnson Creek, sr.

Utility—Grant Moon, Rio, sr.; Deon Robbins, Fall River, jr.; T.J. Doherty, Johnson Creek, jr.


IF—Eric Curtis, Pardeeville, soph.; Brand Knaack, Johnson Creek, sr.; Shane Taylor, Deerfield, sr.; Jake Grebe, Fall River, fr.; Austin Falkenthal, Hustisford/Deerfield, soph.

OF—Zach Pernat, Johnson Creek, jr.; Ben Hildebrandt, Deerfield, fr.

P—Nick Saunders, Deerfield, jr.

C—Casey Stewart, Pardeeville, soph.

Utility—Tyler Coffey, Deerfield, soph.


Pardeeville, 10-2; Deerfield, 9-3; Johnson Creek, 9-3; Rio, 6-6; Fall River, 6-6; Hustisford/Dodgeland, 1-11; Williams Bay, 1-11.

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