Public record for June 21, 2010

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Gazette Staff
Monday, June 21, 2010
Rock County
Intoxicated driving arrests

-- TANNER J. VOSS, 25, Milwaukee, at 2:26 a.m. Sunday at Atwood and Court streets, Janesville. It was reportedly his second offense.


-- WESLEY R. BARTZ, 19, of 59 Lapidary Lane, Janesville, at 5:45 p.m. Saturday at home on two charges of first-degree recklessly endangering safety.

-- RICHARD L. SEITZ, 41, of 839 Somerset Drive, Janesville, at 3:20 a.m. Sunday in the 2100 block of Pioneer Road, Janesville, on charges of strangulation and battery.

Rock County Court

-- JARYD S. WALLS, 17, of 230 N. Grant Ave., Janesville, disorderly conduct, one year probation, 50 hours community service, $87. Charge of misdemeanor theft of movable property dismissed.

-- ROBERT C. KINCY SR, 41, of 314 N. Washington St., Janesville, repeat misdemeanor battery, repeat disorderly conduct, repeat misdemeanor theft of movable property, one year in jail with credit.

-- MICHELLE L. JACOBSON, 34, of Baytown, Texas, formerly of Janesville, charge of felony interfering with custody beyond visitation amended to disorderly conduct, $236.

-- DANIEL S. RAYMOND JR, 24, of 1310 Laramie Lane, No. 5, Janesville, felony repeat domestic strangulation and suffocation, repeat domestic disorderly conduct, three years probation, $399.

-- AMY R. SAYLES, 24, of 7 N. Academy St., No. 3, Janesville, misdemeanor criminal damage to property, $750. Charge of felony arson of property other than building dismissed but read into court record.

-- BRANDEN D. BURKHEIMER, 23, of 3534 Marvog Drive, Janesville, charges of felony maintaining drug trafficking place and felony manufacturing/delivering heroin on/near a park second or more violation both dismissed but read into court record.

-- MICHAEL J. SCHUMACHER, 27, of 107 N. Janesville St., Milton, domestic disorderly conduct, violating domestic abuse order, misdemeanor bail-jumping, two years probation, $354. Additional charges of misdemeanor battery, disorderly conduct and two counts of unlawful use of phone to threaten harm all dismissed but read into court record.

-- RANDY E. THORNE, 53, of 2305 Holiday Drive, No. 6, Janesville, disorderly conduct, false emergency 911 call, $850.

-- STEPHEN M. SUKUP, 34, of 6219 Highway 51, Lot 104, Janesville, obstructing, four months in jail with Huber privileges with credit, $70. Charge of misdemeanor receiving stolen property dismissed but read into court record.

-- CARLY M. MILLIS, 19, of 3532 Marvog Drive, Janesville, charges of possession with intent to deliver heroin and felony bail-jumping both dismissed but read into court record.

-- ERIC J. JASS, 40, of 5801 E. Colley Road, Clinton, domestic disorderly conduct, $277.

-- RICHARD A. COLEMAN, 54, of 7928 W. Wheeler Road, Janesville, obstructing, 10 days in jail with Huber privileges with credit, $87. Charge of felony vehicle operator fleeing/eluding officer dismissed but read into court record.

-- NICHOLAS J. WARGOWSKY, 25, of 428 Harding St., Janesville, disorderly conduct by use of a dangerous weapon, 30 days in jail with credit, $87.

-- STEVEN J. SMITH, 25, of 155 Yorkshire Lane, Janesville, misdemeanor repeat domestic battery, two years probation, $187. Charge of disorderly conduct dismissed but read into court record.

-- MICHAEL J. ROLON, 40, of 2918 Black Bridge Road, Janesville, domestic unlawful use of phone to threaten harm, 30 days in jail with Huber privileges, $187.

Rock County marriages

-- Timothy Lutton and Dana Rosinski, both of Milton.

-- Robert Sparks, River Grove, Ill., and Jessica Wright, Elmwood Park, Ill.

-- Jason Pegeese and Jessica Pletzer, both of Janesville.

-- David Flood II, Edgerton, and Audrey Tafoya, Janesville.

-- David Scheidell and Lyndsey Elmer, both of Janesville.

-- John Biggs IV, Beloit, and Bethany Paulson, Brodhead.

-- Kyle Elsbernd and Kristin McBride, both of Janesville.

-- Shanindoea Stephan and Tiffany Stevenson, both of Janesville.

-- Robert Heritage, Vail, Ariz., and Katie Fulton, Janesville.

-- Jereme Rittenhouse and Samantha Schade, both of Janesville.

-- Zachary Severance and Jessica Nicholson, both of Janesville.

-- Justin Kosinski and Kali Hoidahl, both of South Beloit, Ill.

-- Frederick Vogelsberg Jr. and Kimberly Pease, both of Janesville.

-- Randy Vale and Kathleen Ace, both of Milton.

-- Jesse Hardy and Priscilla Nixon, both of Beloit.

-- Kevin Laetsch and Emily Kopp, both of Edgerton.

-- Brian Gratz and Kelly Strommen, both of Janesville.

-- Jacob Kluge and Nicole Pecor, both of Janesville.

-- Michael McKearn and Brooke Graves, both of Beloit.

-- Todd Funk and Ashley Reidle, both of Spring Valley.

-- Kristopher Jones and Jennifer Jones, both of Janesville.

-- Theron Oellerich and Katelyn Johnson, both of Milton.

-- Scott Reinstad and Jessica Landowski, both of Fulton.

-- Michael Koch, Weyauwega, and Kelly Murwin, Janesville.

-- David Ellefson and Sheri Sage, both of Janesville.

-- Cory Johnson and Angela Hammond, both of Edgerton.

-- Joshua Polzin and Kathryn Morovits, both of Janesville.

-- James Beckwith Jr. and Breanne Thoms, both of Janesville.

-- Brandon Pfaff and Molly Tellefson, both of Milton.

-- Scott Cunningham and Amanda Arneson, both of Milton Township.

-- Jimmy Holford III and Michelle Zimborski, both of Janesville.

-- Dale Furrer, Oregon, and Jacqueline Raymond, Beloit.

-- Corey Drew and Kari Hergert, both of Janesville.

-- Arturo Leon Jr., Rock Township, and Merissa Lynch, South Beloit, Ill.

-- Joseph Gross and Kristy Taylor, both of Milton.

-- Bevin Bell and Angela Wolosz, both of Beloit.

-- Alexandros Armaos, Houston, Texas, and Jean McMorran, Beloit.

-- Dennis Virgo and Sophie Barrett, both of Janesville.

-- David Livingston Jr. and Jennie Sommers, both of Janesville.

-- Steven McLain and Therese Mueller, both of Beloit.

-- Todd Witkowski and Laura Rau, both of Janesville.

-- Douglas Schickinger and Evelyn Keehn, both of Milton.

-- Abel Zavala-Guizar and Bernardina Carreno-Abarca, both of Beloit.

-- Andrew Dejaynes and Amber Cullen, both of Beloit.

-- Eugene Dwars and Karen Kenkel, both of Beloit.

-- Aaron Miller and Jada Milner, both of Clinton.

-- Howard Arthur and Rochelle Anderson, both of Janesville.

-- Jason Pearson and Heather Voss, both of Beloit.

-- Seth Brown and Jenifer Ford, both of Janesville.

-- Brady Bolan and Michelle Olson, both of Janesville.

City of Milton

-- WINDY J. CARLSON, 3143 Canterbury Lane, Janesville, operating while suspended and suspended registration for vehicle, $202.

-- TYLER M. CURRAN, 608 Parkview Drive, Milton, obstructing/resisting, $303.

-- JERED M. DRAPER, 6219 Highway 51, No. 207, Janesville, operating while revoked and speeding, $228.

-- GEORGE H. FRANK, 10102 E. Willow Drive, Milton, open intoxicants in vehicle, $177.

-- TREVOR M. HARMEL, 219 E. Madison Ave., Milton, littering, $177.

-- KRYSTAL A. FLOOD, East Troy, issuance of worthless check, $366.

-- TRAVIS A. LUND, 205 Vernal Ave., Milton, possession of tobacco, trespassing to land, $260.

-- JUAN MARIN-VERTIZ, 510 N. Main St., Fort Atkinson, improper registration for vehicle, $177.

-- TRYSTAN J. PALOMINO, 1449 S. Chatham St., Janesville, resisting/obstructing, $303.

-- JEFFREY E. SHELDON JR, 39 N. Janesville St., Milton, unlawful use of telephone, operating while suspended, $291.

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