Janesville high schools considering advertising

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Jason Smathers
Thursday, June 17, 2010
— Local businesses looking for new ways to advertise next year might have two new outlets: Craig and Parker high schools.

Rick Lehman and Monte Phillips, the athletic directors at Parker and Craig, respectively, are pursuing a plan to put advertising on scoreboards and scoring tables.

While the proposal still is in its early stages, Lehman said advertising initially could bring in $4,000 to 5,000 a year and more than $10,000 once they attract more businesses. Sixty percent of the money would go toward instructional and achievement support, while 40 percent would go to student activities.

Keith Pennington, school district chief financial officer, is writing a request for proposals for companies that could sell the advertising. The companies would provide new scoring tables and scoreboards and would take a percentage of the ad revenue.

Lehman said the district has contacted two companies based in the Midwest who specialize in this type of advertising.

After approval from the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee and the Janesville School Board, the district will send out the request for proposals and make a decision based on the responses they receive.

Lehman said the district has not yet contacted local businesses to gauge interest because it wants to advance cautiously.

“We’re going to be having advertising that is positive, student-centered and will also show support in the community as well as the school district,” Lehman said. “We’ve seen this kind of advertising in other school districts and have seen some of the problems that have come up, so we’re just going step by step.”

The advertisements would be displayed during Craig and Parker volleyball and basketball games, wrestling meets, and Craig gymnastics competitions. While school is in session, the panels would rotate to display a school logo rather than ads.

The district would have final approval over advertisements before they are printed on panels.

If the ads attract significant interest, Lehman said, the district could expand the program to Monterey Stadium, where both teams play football. However, that would require approval from the city of Janesville, which owns the stadium.

Lehman said ideally the new scoreboards and tables would be in place by late August or early September.

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