Levitt gets praise, but no raise

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010
— Rave reviews but still no raise.

Janesville City Manager Eric Levitt has worked here since December 2008 and has received “A” performance reviews from the council.

But because of Janesville’s ailing economy, the city council on Monday night did not give Levitt a raise.

“It’s a sign of the times,” said Kathy Voskuil, council president. “It is not a reflection of his ability to lead.”

Levitt was hired at a salary of $136,000.

Levitt was reviewed for a pay increase during a closed meeting Monday.

Council members will wait until after the 2011 budget is approved before seeing if money is available for a raise. That could be anywhere from zero to 3 percent, Voskuil said.

“The city council is very pleased with Mr. Levitt and his leadership,” Voskuil said, describing his performance as “stellar.”

Levitt continues to implement the council’s short- and long-term goals, and he is efficient in maximizing city resources to accomplish those goals, she said.

The lack of a pay increase is not about his ability because Levitt has been doing a great job, Voskuil stressed.

Levitt is an excellent financial analyst and a good problem solver, Voskuil said. He is transparent and works with employees to create solutions. He is accountable and expects accountability from department heads. He engages the public and is good at listening to the public, she said.

“I think he sees the value and the importance of public input in the process,” Voskuil said.

The council appreciates that Levitt gives members a variety of alternatives backed by reasoning.

“If we see something as a goal, he’s going to make sure we see all the different pieces of getting to the goal,” she said.

“We as a council are in a leadership role.”

Levitt’s benefits package includes a $5,100 allowance for an American-made vehicle and 20 days of vacation.

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