We must develop alternative fuels

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Nicholas F. Gilbank
Friday, June 11, 2010

The capabilities that alternative energies offer are unimaginable.

George Washington University professor Jonathan Deason, an engineer of alternative fuels, said, “If we were to capture all the sun’s rays that fall on the United States for one hour, we would have enough energy to supply the entire United States with power for one year.”

That’s why we need to fully support and encourage the development of alternative fuels. Congress needs to provide companies and universities with the funding they need to further develop alternative-powered vehicles. Currently, the hybrid is nothing more than a “transition vehicle,” which was stated by Richard Kolodiziej, president of NGV America.

The hybrid will not solve our energy dilemma and is nothing more than a small glimmer of hope for the potential that we may someday yield. If we were to fund the development of alternative-fueled vehicles, we would create a better product that may be the answer to our problems.

We will not know our full potential until we further develop and research current technology. We need to follow what Rep. Paul Ryan believes in, which is that “We need to go back to the core,” and provide funds for the development and advancement of alternative fuels. Once universities gain the support of the public, we will be able to develop a better product that may one day solve our energy crisis.

For these reasons, I feel we need to fully support and fund the advancement of our current technology in the field of alternative fuels.

Nicholas F. Gilbank wrote this as part of Washington Seminar at Janesville Parker High School..

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