Veterans’ health care should improve

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Alayna Spengler
Friday, June 11, 2010

A million plus cases; that’s how long the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) backlog is. Because of this, the VA has a bad rap.

The only time anyone hears about the VA is when someone messes up or when the backlog increases. But despite what so many believe, the VA actually supplies some remarkable health care coverage.

The VA backlog is a serious problem. Many people wait months for their claims to be processed.

According to René Campos of the Military Officers Association of America, this is happening because the VA is still “adapting to this new generation of veterans.”

What I have found is that the VA is having the greatest difficulties adjusting to the number of claims. During previous wars, a veteran made a couple of claims. The modern veteran is making half a dozen.

Along with this, the VA has failed to adjust with technology. It’s still paper based. If the VA went even partly paperless, hired more people and started keeping electronic medical records, this problem could become manageable.

Despite these deficiencies, the VA does many things right.

Alayna Spengler wrote this as part of Washington Seminar at Janesville Parker High School.

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