Offshore drilling isn’t the way to go

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Heather Dickison
Friday, June 11, 2010

Although the need for energy is great, the government should be investing time and money in cleaner, safer forms of energy such as wind or solar power rather than putting so much effort into offshore oil drilling.

With the newly passed bill expanding drilling in the Gulf, the tourist beaches in Florida are now at risk. Even with one spill, one accident, such as the recent BP spill, not only ocean life will be destroyed but the coastal lands will be, as well.

America is not invincible; accidents do happen! During an interview, I learned that even with the expansion, if we produce 500,000 more barrels of gas a day, the price of gas would only drop .02 cents. Paying only a few cents more is a price that can be paid in order to ensure a cleaner environment.

Yes, policies are in place to ensure safe drilling, but obviously even one small mistake can result in millions of dollars to clean up the mess; at least $75 million, in fact. That number doesnít even include the price to clean the oceans or destroyed beaches.

Even if the drilling is done safely, fish eggs could still be damaged because they arenít able to swim away from the drilling platforms.

An academic expert that I spoke with said any policy that says immediate drilling will solve our problems is absolutely not true. Many people have said the long-term solution is switching to an alternative source for energy. Rather than talking about it, the switch should just be made already.

Heather Dickison wrote this as part of Washington Seminar at Janesville Parker High School.

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