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Creating public works could boost job market

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Lucas Wimmer
Friday, June 11, 2010

In a recent study of 391 cities in America, Janesville was ranked seventh worst to be searching for a job. This study may have led many to ask: “What are we doing to combat this?”

In my opinion: Not enough.

A bill recently passed that creates tax credits for small businesses that hire new employees is a small step toward recovery. However, it is imperative to pass legislation that creates new positions for the unemployed instead of giving tax credits for filling positions that would have been filled regardless of whether or not a tax credit was present.

When asked how to replace jobs that were cut from the General Motors plant, Ron Painter, CEO of the National Association of Workforce Boards, had a great answer.

“It’s easy to say, much harder to do,” he said.

Creating public works, such as the ones established during the Great Depression, would exponentially benefit the job market. Painter also stated that he believes we are on “the edge of a green revolution,” and I agree. Creating jobs to clean our environment and reduce energy dependency on other countries would not only be a massive step in the right direction for creating jobs but also to reducing our enormous national debt.

Although initially expenses may be a problem, stimulating job growth will help generate revenue for the unemployed, who will spend their new money, thus stimulating the economy and helping us recover from our massive national debt.

We should not settle for the one bill we have now. It is essential to many of America’s problems that lawmakers keep passing measures to stimulate job growth.

Lucas Wimmer wrote this as part of Washington Seminar at Janesville Parker High School.

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