Gaboda drops bid for assembly seat

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010
— Candidate Matt Gaboda has withdrawn from the race for the 43rd Assembly District seat.

The 31-year-old Center Township resident had planned to challenge incumbent Kim Hixson, D-Whitewater, in November.

In the race, Hixson also faces challenger Evan Wynn, 47, a Whitewater Republican.

Gaboda said he decided late last week his campaign hadnt gained enough traction to justify spending the time and money it would take to get elected.

I just didnt have the right campaign to push me through, Gaboda said Monday.

Running as an Independent, Gaboda prided himself on a lack of political pedigree. Hed hoped his individuality would strike a chord with blue-collar voters.

I just kind of went into this race hoping Id appeal to the general public and to regular people, Gaboda said.

But in the months since announcing his candidacy, Gaboda said he hadnt gotten much public feedback. He said hed failed to find a core following.

I didnt have the connections that I probably needed, Gaboda said. I had no political experience. I was pretty much a one-man show.

Gaboda said hed had trouble raising the funding it takes to be a political contender. Ultimately, he decided running a bare bones campaign wasnt enough.

It takes money to win. I dont have a fortune, he said.

Ultimately, Gaboda said he decided to withdraw to stay available for his three young children. He said he doesnt regret the decision.

It was a good experience, but it takes more than wanting to (get elected), and Im glad I realized that before I got too far along, he said.

Gaboda said if he ran for public office again, hed continue to stay focused on everyday people.

Im always looking out for underrepresented groups. Thats something Ill always do, he said.

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