Beloit girl wins limo ride

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Steve Benton
Tuesday, June 8, 2010
— Some Beloit school children participate in a fundraiser to help purchase new playground equipment.

Shanda Richardson has two children attending Royce Elementary school in Beloit. She helped the school raise over $1,800 last year for the school and was asked to head the fundraising again this year.

Richardson says she wanted to add a little incentive to the effort so she got a limousine service to donate an hour of time as a prize for the child who made the most money.

The fundraiser involved selling candles, and the kids were able to sell a few more than last year, and therefore raise another $1,800 toward the playground equipment.

Top seller, 3rd grader, Aurora Vega, will get the limo ride. She plans on going to her grandmother's house for pictures, and then to various other places including a cookie factory in South Beloit where her father works.

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