Janesville police roll out new squad cars

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Ted Sullivan
Saturday, June 5, 2010
— Janesville police officers will soon be driving new squad cars with redesigned colors and graphics.

Sgt. Todd Kleisner said the department ordered nine new Chevrolet Impalas with black paint, a blue stripe and sleek logos for a modern look. The vehicle is reflective and easier to see at night.

The old cars were white with green and gold graphics.

“We’ve been driving white cars for about 16 years,” Kleisner said. “The graphics on those cars are that old as well, so it was time for an update.”

Chief Dave Moore asked officers if they wanted to change the squads. He formed a committee with officers from each shift to work on a new design.

Officers looked at squad cars in other jurisdictions, Kleisner said. They also looked at designs in law enforcement magazines and on the Internet.

Officers on the committee asked others on their shift what they wanted in colors and design, he said.

Sign-A-Rama then created three different options for the new squads, Kleisner said. Officers voted for their favorites.

“We took officer input,” he said. “It wasn’t just the committee’s ideas. It was basically everybody.”

The new cars also have a redesigned interior, Kleisner said. They have more room and are more comfortable.

The department gets new squad cars for about half its fleet every year, Kleisner said. The fleet includes 17 patrol cars, two K-9 patrol cars and five cars for school resource officers.

The department now has one of the new cars on patrol, he said. The other eight will be ready by the end of the month.

“Everybody really seems to like them a lot,” Kleisner said.

“We’ve even been getting some positive comments from the general public.”

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