Deadline set for Delavan-goose-kill opponents

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Saturday, June 5, 2010
— Opponents of a planned goose kill in Delavan Township have until Tuesday, June 15, to convince at least two town board members that killing geese is not the best way to get rid of goose waste around Delavan Lake.

It will take two board members to put the item on the June 15 regular board meeting agenda, Chairwoman Dorothy Burwell said.

If that doesn’t happen, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Service in Waupun will move forward with plans to capture, kill and process the birds.

The wildlife service has not set a date for the capture, but it would happen between mid-June and early July when the geese have molted and cannot fly, District Supervisor Chip Lovell of the wildlife service has told the Gazette.

The processed adult goose meat is donated to food pantries. The processed juvenile geese are fed to animals at sanctuaries and shelters, Lovell said.

Last year, the service captured geese in more than 30 Wisconsin communities, Lovell has said.

The town board will meet Monday as a committee of the whole. During the meeting, board members could decide to put the goose kill on the June 15 agenda. Or two board members could do so later in the week, Burwell said.

The board approved the plan in April and has set aside $4,000 from the Delavan Lake Sanitary District to pay the USDA.

About 30 opponents of the goose kill spoke Thursday at a parks committee meeting. While most spoke against killing geese, they did so respectfully, Administrator John Olson said. And most of the attendees were from Walworth County, Olson said.

The town has gotten angry local and international calls about the plan, Olson said.

The Lakeland Animal Shelter and other goose advocates have organized volunteers who would clean goose waste from the town-owned Community Park rather than have the geese killed, Burwell said.

If the plan goes forward, wildlife service workers will capture geese on public as well as private properties. Service workers only will enter private property with the owner’s permission.

So far, five property owners have asked that the wildlife service capture geese from their lawns. One property owner has asked that the service not do so, Olson said.

If you do—or do not—want the USDA Wildlife Services to remove geese from your property along the Delavan Lake shoreline, call Town Hall at (262) 728-3471.

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