Heroin use in Walworth County Jail nets three year sentence in prison

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Pedro Oliveira Jr.
Friday, June 4, 2010
— A Lake Geneva woman who admitted to snorting a line of heroin while in jail last year will spend the next three years in prison.

Amber L. Drummond, 24, was sentenced Thursday to four years in prison for possession and delivery of heroin. She already has served about one year at the Walworth County Jail.

Drummond was jailed in April 2009 when officers caught her with 70 bindles containing about seven grams of heroin in a Lake Geneva apartment. She was granted probation and placed in jail with work-release privilege.

Walworth County Deputy District Attorney Joshua Grube said giving Drummond probation was a “huge break,” granted mostly so she could seek treatment for her addiction.

“After being confined, not only did she buy heroin again, not only does she use it, but she sells it,” said Grube.

In December, Drummond admitted to picking up three capsules of heroin while on work release. She used two, including one at the jail, and gave one to another inmate, Katie M. Luessenhop.

When Drummond is released in three years, she will spend 5.5 years on probation, Judge Michael Gibbs ruled.

“We’ve had multiple people die from this, and you were a part of it,” Gibbs said. “You were a part of a whole stream—as a user, as a supplier, as a mule, as a seller.”

Had it not been for the most recent charges, Drummond would have been released from jail April 23.

“The public needs to be protected from her,” Grube said. “And the public can only be protected if she is in prison.”

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