Local police prepare to enforce new state law

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Steve Benton
Thursday, June 3, 2010
— The Janesville police department will be handling enforcement of a new state law with an eye toward education.

Sgt. Brian Donohoue says the law mandating motorists to have auto insurance went into effect June 1st. He says they'll be treating it as a secondary enforcement issue, which means they will not be stopping a motorist just to check on compliance with the new law.

He says the law has been discussed with patrol officers and they've been reminded to ask for proof of insurance along with a drivers license when making a traffic stop. Donohoue says this is a learning experience for drivers and officers.

The state fine for non compliance with the proof of insurance card is $10.00 while the fine for not having insurance is $200.50. In Beloit, violators will face additional charges because traffic matters are handled in municipal court.

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